Welcome to Un-Politically Correct.

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Politically Correct… Why won’t I be, and why do I  not like the “politically correct” mentality?

Think about what is included in politically correct behavior. It is tip toeing around others, for fear of offending. Those offending issues change as the breeze blows.

Think about people who are currently to be called African-American. Black is no longer ok, colored was disapproved long ago, as well as other terms. But not all black people are from Africa. PLUS… why make this country divided by possible country of origin in the first place. Are all white people called German Americans? No, because not all white people are from Germany, many do have links to Germany. And for the majority of Americans, we were born here.. we are Americans.

Stepping back to the black & white issue, it is still apparently ok for Caucasians to be called white, but using the term black is wrong?

Everything has gotten too touchy feely, over sensitive. It is ridiculous!

Another divisive issue, is scholarships based on race, religion, sex or something else that simply does not relate to educational merit. I would be insulted to receive a scholarship simply based on race or sex… it is like saying the reason for the scholarship is due to your suffering from some shortcoming. I do not think a person’s race, religion, sex, or anything else should be considered a shortcoming. Everyone has good and bad, strengths and weaknesses period.

Jobs also suffer from hiring and firing limits, due to race, religion, sex, etc.. instead of hiring or firing based on ability (or lack of).

I do not understand why the outrage that some groups have is not geared towards PC handicapping. And that is what it is.. it simply saying, you can not qualify any other way… you are not good enough to achieve these things based on your own merits, you can not compete any other way. How sad is that?

So for those who cry about racism, sexism or some other ism… you might what to redirect those cries.. these issues, that are in all reality what is holding you back, and making you look weaker, less intelligent, or not as strong. Are you weak? Are you an idiot? Those “laws” are saying you are!

  1. Stormbringer says:

    Oh, yes, I love politically incorrectness. But I have a particular fondness for hyphenated-Americans. What better way to show your identity than to express your national origin at all times, proclaiming your loyalty to the country or continent of origin first of all? Those people who used to call themselves “Americans”, without a hyphen, were certainly missing the point! It’s better to remain separate, working for our own little group’s pleasure, comfort, power and wealth than to pull together for the sake of a yucky old country.

    By the way, are relocated residents of Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and some of those countries also qualified to be African-Americans?

    Sincerely Yours,
    A Swedish-Danish-Prussian-Scottish-Sudanese-Yugoslavian-Brazilian-Penguin-South Australia-Santa’s Elf-Red State American

  2. gypsytda69 says:

    Stormbringer.. you split my side with that!! “hypenated-Americans”.. you nailed it!
    I never hear of people from other countries, that needs to amend what country they belong to with where an ancestor might possibly have been from.
    Either be here or leave, ’nuff said, eh?

  3. Chad says:

    I am a Chubby-American. Bring it on!

  4. bob says:

    Stormbringer… I think you hit the nail on the head. The biggest problem with the hyphenated-American labels is that they are divisive. If you need a label to remember your heritage you have bigger problems than needing a hyphen. It’s all part of the multiculturalism movement that is tearing the US apart. We all must remember that as Americans we are a single unique culture among the world. Anyone can belong. It’s great to remember where your people came from, but where you are now is more important to where you and your progeny will end up.

    • gypsytda69 says:

      Bob.. you too nailed it. People chant unity and other bull.. but insist on labeling, and dividing people into groups, races, cultures, etc..

      why can’t there be pride in actually being an American? instead people having this twisted need to identify with another country?

      The think it is holding onto an identity & culture.. why does it have to be one or the other.. they can embrace their (previous) nationality, or ancestors culture.. AND actually embrace being an American.

      We need to figure out how the heck we can actually UNITE America!!

  5. mdebusk says:

    Me, I don’t mind the Hyphenated-American stuff as long as it’s not taken to stupid extremes. Go ahead and be proud of your ethnic heritage as long as you remember you’re an American.

    By “stupid extremes” I mean, by example, the following: I read a story about a reporter who was writing a story about a race riot in (IIRC) a Caribbean country. He referred repeatedly to the “black rioters” because the race of the rioters was a central point of the story. His editor demanded that he change “black” to “African-American.” His repeated insistence that the rioters were neither African nor American made no difference at all. You can’t get more stupid than that.

  6. gypsy says:

    Mike.. great point!!! Perfectly said! excellent example of the hyphenated ignorance.. they are making all facial tissues into Kleenx.

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