Double the Pain: Blaming the Victim?

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I do not think any one under the influence of any substance should be given a second chance. Any person who has a license should know the rules of the road, they accept the responsibility of the privilege to drive a vehicle. So there is no excuse, there is no reason. Just like there should be no second chance for a murderer, rapist or child molester but that is a whole ‘nother rant.

Drunk driver, repeat offender…Driving 83mph in a 45mph zone, and the offender even states it was foggy conditions, receives free of charge assistance to sue the victims!!

This offender’s license should have been revoked before this child he killed was even born (well 1999, but surely his license should have been revoked before the note of 1999 incidents)… this “accident” should have never occurred. But he has the nerve to sue the parents, blaming them because their teen was not wearing a helmet while on his bike. He obviously does not take responsibility for driving nearly twice the speed limit in bad weather conditions, nor his drunk driving offenses.. but he blames the victim. He does not “realize” a helmet would not save this child from the impact of a vehicle driving 83 mph.

MSNBC: saying he’s endured “great mental and emotional pain and suffering,” wrongful conviction and imprisonment, and the loss of his “capacity to carry on in life’s activities.”

What about that child carrying on his life’s activities, wait he can’t, that has been taken from him. What about the pain and suffering of the parents who lost a son, and the siblings who lost a brother? Who has actually be wrongfully convicted and imprisoned in this situation, the family who has to hold this pain for the rest of their lives, and on top of it continue to be attacked by the man who killed their child! This criminal is getting off easy!

When my brother was 13 years old, he was hit by a vehicle, while he was on his bicycle. Nearly every bone in his body was broken. The woman who hit him, tried to sue for the anguish she endured watching my brother slam into the windshield of her car. She also had the nerve to go to the hospital and try to push the issue, while my brother was wrapped like a mummy. She also added the anguish of seeing him in the hospital like that.

My other brother was in his early twenties, when a vehicle hit his car with such impact that it sent his truck into a house, knocking it off the foundation. His side window took his skin off his skull, he had to be rushed to shock trauma. The woman who hit him also tried to sue for her anguish of seeing my brother shredded from the accident.

What on earth makes a person who causes an accident, decide to sue the victim? What is going on in their head? What is wrong with a legal system that would allow an offender to sue the victim?? Not to mention the offender being able to sue free of charge, while the victim has to fork out money to protect themselves, again??

  1. kryan67 says:

    Part of the problem is that prisoners have WAY too much time on their hands. They have plenty of time to use the prison library and dream up frivilous lawsuits. Time for them to go pound rocks – literally. Time to get them off their butt, turn off their flat screen TV and do hard labor.

    Blaming the victim – unfortunately, no surprise. Many drunks blame the bartender for serving them that last drink. Or blame their friend for not taking the keys. Frankly, anyone BUT them is to blame.

    Yes, the helmet would not have saved the poor kid’s life. And let’s just ignore the fact that he would have been fine, but for a selfish idiot speeding drunk… Heck, I bet the parents were probably cited for the failure to wear a helmet by the cops…

    And, how about the court developing a set and telling the killer “good, feel guilty, that is the point”. I mean, shouldn’t the killer have to live with those consequences? Shouldn’t he feel “great mental and emotional pain” and such?

  2. gypsy says:

    Exactly Katie..
    the point of prison is for these losers to sit & think, and pay for their behavior.
    But our country protects the criminal, the guilty the illegal…. while the victim, and those who abide by the law are forced to defend their ownselves.. they end up paying financially & emotionally.. while the criminal gets hands outs, exceptions and protection of the law.
    What a warped system we have!

    I really found the article interesting for those points that this loser is attacking the parents for the teen now wearing a helmet.. and mentions the poor visability and fog.. and yet it does not dawn on him that would be darn good reason to not speed, not like he should be driving nearly twice the speed limit on a clear day, but the fog surely should have been a clue.. and to be further impaired by driving while intoxicated, which is just another offense.. how on earth can he possibly find it right to sue the parents.. this is just baffling and sickening to me!

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