Proposed Cigarette Warnings

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I am not a smoker, never have been, never will be. So I am not up on the latest warnings and such. Today I saw some info on new cigarette warning labels, at first I thought it was a joke. Then I visited the FDA website.. and wow.. the new proposed cigarette warning labels are unreal.

I think the idea of using the images just is more confirmation that people simply do not read instructions, warnings etc… and or they simply do not care. Do you think the images will make an impact?

Addictiveharmfullung disease

There are many more.. those are just a few of the concepts. Visit FDA Cigarette Warnings for more info.

For me, seeing this scare concept, I wonder what else the gov’t will try. I guess it is not really new, when you think about to the old don’t pollute, and wild fire commericals. Fear is a huge selling tool, for and against.

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  2. kryan67 says:

    The biggest impact will be a huge uptick in the sales of cigarette cases. Buy stocks now!! Talk about a market…

    Seriously, anyone who still smokes must know the risks. They’ve been fed it in schools, they’ve had their kids indoctrinated at schools – kids telling parents that school said…, and the darned label has already been on the pack forever…

    OH BOY, I can’t WAIT to see the warning labels that they put on the pack of oreos. Or on the ground beef. This is yet another attempt buy the “smarter than you” gov to dictate how you choose to live your life.

  3. gypsy says:

    How long before all our nutrition is gov’t preapproved in pill form?

    Don’t ya just love mamma gov’t?

  4. kryan67 says:

    Of course, the other “funny” thing is this – the very same people who want to tell you how evil cigarettes are are usually the ones that are fighting to legalize pot.

    Gee, maybe all the legal tabacco growers should switch out their crops and call them “medical plants”.

  5. bob says:

    These pictures will do no good. Does anyone really think a smoker actually looks at the pack of cigarettes before taking one and lighting up? Of course not. I suppose they think it will keep kids from smoking. As if they’ll say ewwww I don’t want that happening to me. Of course, you can’t actually see the pictures on the packs at the places you buy them so who is going to be scared off? No one.

    Instead of wasting time with cigarette packages, they should be looking into the next best alternative to cigarettes that kids are using. K2, spice or genie. Whatever you want to call the “fake” pot that is still legal to purchase in most states.

  6. gypsy says:

    ok couple thoughts here….
    do you remember the garbage pail series of trading cards in the 80s.. they were gross and disgusting?

    Perhaps kids will now buy more cigarettes, for the gross labels, and treat them as trading cards/collect them? see if they can gross out friends?

    And for the adults…
    there could be a whole new industry of cigarette pack covers..

    Humm making the cigarettes into medicial crops.. i think our stoned hippy gov’t is too latched onto the marijuana idea.. they are too stoned to realize and they just don’t care..

    now here is an idea that might deter kids.. (showing politicians) this is you on drugs.. this could happen to you..

    once again not a smoker, hate smoking think it is disgusting as well a ridiculous waste of money.. but when the gov’t opposes something my radar goes up.. caution, yeild,.. etc.

  7. kryan67 says:

    OK, heard this true story this week. In many cities in CA you can now be arrested for the simple act of smoking a cigarette on the street. In these very same cities, they now do not arrest people for smoking pot, even on the street.

    So, you will be arrested for smoking a legal product, and not arrested for smoking an illegal product…

    Someone pass the Doritos.

  8. gypsy says:

    Oh wow.. and sadly I am not stunned or surprised by anything CA does.. they are just ape-shit back-wards! They win the awards for all that is wrong with our country, and for every bad decision a state can force through.

    We have 50 states.. yet ONE tries to change things for ALL of this country. So what happens there is a HUGE Flashing Red light for this country.. because if they got it through there will be some moron in the white house who can find a way to shove it through and make everyone suffer. I wish CA would keep its insanity to itself.. better yet, if we could just break it off and send it into the ocean.. let it become it’s own country, and let it destroy itself.. oh if only!

    And I am saying this as someone who hates smoking.. and things these people should have a bubble over their head so the rest of us do not have to breathe in that crap!!

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