Pervert or Lesbian? Try a little of both?

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
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MSNBC: A woman posed as a physician and duped at least two other women into undergoing breast exams at her hands in Boise-area nightclubs, according to police.

I saw the title (of the above cited article), which does not mention a woman was doing this.. so now I am not sure if I am more baffled or not. With a man doing it, he is a perve & the women are idiots. With a woman doing it, I imagine she is a lesbian, and just wants a free thrill?

Oh but it gets better… She’s a he, well was a he, and now he is a she, sorta. He /she is a transgender.

He/she was noted as a guy when he/she was busted for petty theft. Previous record as a man, but identified his/herself as a she, and was booked into a women’s prison.

The gender on documents had shown “MTF” (male to female) but shouldn’t that really say “WTF” (you can figure it out).

So if a man changes to a woman, and fondles women, is he a pervert or a lesbian?

I have no issue with gays, as long as they are regular people.. it is the extreme people (Like those who do the s&m sexual acts at gay-pride parades.. it would not matter if it were guy & girl or same-sex, certain things should be kept to yourself.. with the gay-pride parades doing those acts in public, it gives gays a bad name, bad impression.. so extreme people, cut it out, thank you!).

Now.. back to the issue.. transgender. I have wondered about this stuff, and every time a transgender pops into the news they are murdering someone, are murdered by someone, or committing some crime. Just to clarify, there is a difference between a cross-dresser & transgender.. the person dressing up typically is just having fun, the other is serious about their identity issues.

With transgenders, they have to pursue a life of deception. They have to convince themselves they are not what they were born as, and then have to continue to convince everyone else about this too. So.. the result ends up a seriously confused individual with some serious psychological ramifications. Or did they start off with psychological problems, and then opt to change sex? Third option.. both, they are confused and just further confused.

The story I have shared is a perfect example of that deception and confusion.. this person, does not know if he/she is a he or she, this person does not know if they are gay or straight. This person has been so wrapped up in deception that he/she has committed criminal acts, and then impersonating a physician, and then duping women into letting him/her examine them.

Another thought on all this, on a political note.. is this what will become of health care? Will people have to turn to bar-room examinations? Yike!

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  2. kryan67 says:

    I get ridiculed for this idea – but, you were born either male or female (except for an extremely small amount of people. So, suck up and deal.

    Society should not have to change all of our standards to make someone feel better about themselves. That is the job of their shrink.

    Case in point, bathrooms and locker rooms. Show me the first guy-who-wants-to-be-a-girl in the locker room with my daughters, and I will show you someone who will have the necessary surgery immediately, and without anesthesia.

    Of course, most boys my age would have loved to use that excuse to get in the girls’ locker room for peeps….

  3. gypsy says:

    Exactly.. and now I am flashing back to a South Park episode where the one teacher opted for a sex change.. and then one of the dads opted to get a species change, to make himself into a dolphin.

    And right there I know that can lead into the argument about plastic surgery, the alterations people make to change what they look like.. take fat out, put it in, larger boobs, less books, changing features.. etc. And hey guess what, I think that is wrong too.

    Sex change, face change, boob change.. etc.. they are risks, and should not be done. But the worst of all is the sex change, that dives into a whole ‘nother world of issues.. and most of them are mental issues.. seriously a person who thinks they need to be a different sex has issues.. no one can argue that.

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