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What was the point?

MSN: In one of his last official acts — or non-acts — before leaving office, New Mexico’s governor refused to pardon the Old West outlaw Friday for one of the many murders he committed before he was gunned down in 1881.

Certainly because there was nothing else going on in the state of New Mexico? Really, they must have been bored? Are there no other current pending prisoners to review? Are there no current legal, economic or other issues that they could have been paying attention to, vs a case that happened over a century ago?

Maybe they are trying to sir up some tourism? That is about the only possible point I can figure for deciding whether or not to pardon someone over a century later. This was just too bizarre and ridiculous not to share. Thank you for listening to me ramble.



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Read the following link, because it is true & because it is damn good!

Ace of Spades: Delaware.
Land of..what exactly? Oregonites, New Yorkers, Texans and Californians, besides any potential family that live in that “state”, what purpose does Delaware serve? Those of us in the other 49 states are, frankly, puzzled by its very existence.

They add “Yes, it actually exists”. I love that part.. and personally amusing to me since I grew up in Maryland and (I will admit with shame that) I lived in Delaware too, my grandmother had lived in Pennsylvania and Maryland, yet she actually had no idea Delaware was an actual state. She used to ask me where in New Jersey is Delaware.

I recall reading a long time ago about how Delaware became the “1st State” basically ONLY because they felt the need to prove something. They became a state because Delaware is basically swamp land… Maryland did not want it, Pennsylvania did not want it, not even New Jersey wanted it. So they really needed that one win, the one, the only. Past that Delaware is nothing more than a traffic jam going to and from PA, NJ & MD. Remember Delaware gave us all Biden as the (invisible) Vice President of the US. Biden is the perfect representation of the state of Delaware.

They note that Delaware was mentioned in “Wayne’s World”.. but there was a mention in another show too.. “Simpsons” visited the ‘screen door factory’ as they passed through Delaware in one episode, many moons ago. (basically they were making fun of the lack of interest that Delaware holds)

The U of D… well the comment the article made there, I do know people who went there who had and decades later still have, pride in having gone to U of D. They still cheer for the Blue Hens. But these are people I grew up with, and where I grew up truly would make the U of D seem exiting by comparison, but that  really does not take much.  

I love that they mentioned the tolls. Why on earth would anyone pay so much to sit in Delaware traffic?? Basically to get to tax-free shopping, woo hoo! (note: “woo-ho” was written with complete sarcasm)

Again do visit the article & read it in full.. you will get a chuckle, and if you have lived in Delaware you may bust a gut. Enjoy!

New Year is almost here!

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Muslims claim they are not over sensitive. Really? So why do they offer death threats over cartoons, burqas, etc.. if anything remotely does not praise them, they are offended, outraged, violent and offer death threats! Sensitive, nahhhh. 

So I say.. way to go Top Gear (UK).. I loved you before, I love you even more!! When you see comments like these, do you think Muslims are not violent? Do you think they are not super-sensitive?

MSN “Why is Jeremy Clarkson wearing a Burqa? The Top Gear gang deserve to get hit by an IED,” one tweeter wrote.

And yes this was not the first time Top Gear had fun with Muslims.. but seriously if you are going to drape your women in bed sheets, what the heck do you expect? If you are a people who over react to others who find the fact that these women look like they are forever trick-or-treating amusing, well seriously get over yourselves.. take a long, good look.

Clarkson caused another religious storm in July this year by telling the Top Gear audience he had seen a Muslim woman wearing sexy lingerie under her burqa

This is what offended them…

Where the threat lies…. I found this (below) on loonwatch, the focus in their article was that 1% difference between Muslim & Jewish terrorist attacks, and that not all terrorists are Muslim. Or perhaps just reassigning focus to anyone besides Muslims, since they did take digs are “right-wingers” and basically the stand that it is everyone elses fault except Muslims.

I was intrigued.. not about the 1% differences between Jewish & Muslims, but the large piece of the pie representing Latinos as the terrorists to America. Well that sure should cinch the illegal immigrant right? But If this is accurate, and if the US govt did really want to eliminate the illegal immigrant issues this surely would be something they would make very well-known. I gather, there must be some ulterior motive for the American govt to bury this information and extend so many benefits and exceptions to people who sneak into our country and break out laws.

Another Site CraigConsidine comments on the transfer from focusing fear on one group to another. I wish to look at it from another angle.

The reality is we do not have an honest government, and highly doubt one exists, ever. If there is hidden information there is no doubt a motive hidden deep inside. It is terribly naive to believe there is no threat period. It would be naive to think the world will join hands around the campfire & sing songs. There are groups who do and will kill over race, religion, borders, money, etc. Yes I said, groups.. it is not a single individual who somehow has no race, does not stand behind a religion, etc.. so being aware of a group, race, religion does help defend our selves and our country. And I did not say prevent, i said helps… because knowing all threats, and preventing them is impossible and would result in a world of hermits.

Also according to this chart.. the other BIG threat is left-wing groups… hum, so PETA?

Change in Religion

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From This chart is a couple of years old, but a really good representation about what changes people are seeing & feeling in the world. There definitely has been a sharp change since the 1970s in the Muslim religion.  Definitely would love to hear your thoughts and observations on this..

Where the Jobs Went…

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MSN: …But the jobs are going elsewhere. The Economic Policy Institute, a Washington think tank, says American companies have created 1.4 million jobs overseas this year, compared with less than 1 million in the U.S. The additional 1.4 million jobs would have lowered the U.S. unemployment rate to 8.9 percent, says Robert Scott, the institute’s senior international economist.

 One of the very-American examples, has definitely jumped the fence:

Take the example of DuPont, which wowed the world in 1938 with nylon stockings. Known as one of the most innovative American companies of the 20th century, DuPont now sells less than a third of its products in the U.S. In the first nine months of this year, sales to the Asia-Pacific region grew 50 percent, triple the U.S. rate. Its stock is up 47 percent this year.

DuPont’s work force reflects the shift in its growth: In a presentation on emerging markets, the company said its number of employees in the U.S. shrank by 9 percent between January 2005 and October 2009. In the same period, its work force grew 54 percent in the Asia-Pacific countries.

Another American icon.. Coke…

Of Coke’s 93,000 global employees, less than 13 percent were in the U.S. in 2009, down from 19 percent five years ago.

The company would not say how many new U.S. hires it has made in 2010. But its latest new investments are overseas, including $240 million for three bottling plants in Inner Mongolia as part of a three-year, $2 billion investment in China. The three plants will create 2,000 new jobs in the area. In September, Coca-Cola pledged $1 billion to the Philippines over five years.


  • US consumer demand has been down. Companies go where the money is.
  • Overseas competition has improved.
  • Poor US education system.

There are so many reasons why our country is failing. Part is due to education, demand and improvement of overseas employees, etc. But there are things that caused our country to fall into this hole. The standards have been lowered over the course of years, and decades. Standards in education, standards in manufacturing, standards in pride in our country. As everything was decaying, we wake up to the current realities. We have a president whose first step into the White House involved a world-wide apology tour. The apology tour expanded to centuries before and surely centuries ahead for all we might do. Our country has been condemned for being a success, to the point our country has pulled the brakes on success and achievement. Even before Obama, we have offered hand outs to other countries, more concerned with their well-being vs our own, and basically in an apologetic gesture. This once tough, innovative, admirable and envied country has become what? A country to be ridiculed, pitied, and picked from like a carcass.

So how do we get our country back? How do we make it strong again? No doubt that will not be easy, but it needs to be done. If not America will turn into some wimpy kid on the block, being pushed around and picked on by the stronger, smarter more successful countries. The hard part is how to we rebuild American businesses again? They have slipped away and are strong entities elsewhere, they are no longer our businesses. We do need to start new, and fresh.. we also need to firm up our country. We need to uphold our Constitution, we need to stop the open door free-for all giving everything to illegals. We need to look at our own country & people when it comes to helping, and rebuilding. We should look to the now successful countries for clues, like Australia, they have a very strong immigration policy, that is a great place to start. Our education system is definitely another place to focus on. Kids need to stop being coddled in school, no more prizes for participation, no more everyone is equal/no hurt feeling crap, the kids and education need to be stronger.

Educational Rankings If you need confirmation about the US education problem… check out the following. The US falls in the bottom dozen of each list. Look at the countries that top of the lists!