The Only Reform is Execution!

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Uncategorized
One of my strong issues is about crimes against children. There is no reason, no excuse, and these people can NOT be reformed.
Need proof?
Gazette: the justice system failed her when Allmon was first charged with a sex offense against a family member in November 1998. That case resulted in a misdemeanor conviction
This scum of the earth raped and murdered his very own grandson!
Any “person” who do such a thing to a child, does not deserve a second chance. If  this man had been charged   properly the first time, his grandchild would still be alive, undamaged.
I also do not see a point of keeping such scum alive, they should have their lives terminated! I will repeat.. there is NO reform for some sick bastard who would harm a child, sexually assault a child, and or murder a child.
  1. bob says:

    Well I still think the best way to deal with them is prison justice. Place them in with incorrigible prisoners who are aware of the bastards crime. There is a certain sort of morality among them in that they don’t care for child molesters. Let them mete out the punishment. The sob’s won’t last long.

  2. gypsy says:

    Bob, I fear they would soon enjoy that form of torture.. I am sticking with execute! And I am find with a nice slow faulty electric chair!

    • bob says:

      not talking about bending over. I’m talking serious drubbings. The hardcore inmates would eventually kill that sort of person. Maybe we need a bill for child molesters like the one being offered in Uganda for homosexuals.

  3. gypsy says:

    Bob, true.. I just dread the risk that such scum could get out of prison.. so no beating or torture could be enough, to allow them back into society!

  4. bob says:

    correct. they should never make it back into society.

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