“Happy” Tax & Fee 2011

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

Check out this article: 20 Things that will be More Expensive in 2011

We all have been aware of prices going up, but with a new year, there will be more! And yet while Tech goes down, everything else has been going up!

Here are the items from the article with my own take on each…

Car Insurance. All in the name of “safety”? Or perhaps more gov’t control? If you have a car, you need car insurance, and with car insurance, you now will pay for the privilege of more gov’t intrusion. Perhaps the ultimate reason is to force people into public transit options.

Chocolate. This one took me by surprise, but if it is consumable, seems they are making it cost more, one way or another.

VoIP Services. taxes, taxes, taxes… and more taxes, or as gov’t likes to call them “fees”. Did someone think we could escape fees by opting for VoIP vs traditional lines? Ha. I would say we all should go back to writing, but the Postal Services has issues (they are in this list too)

Airfare. Why will it cost more? Well because they can, & they have… baggage fees, seating, or anything else that once was standard with your flight.

Cars. Remember the buy one Hyundai get a second for $1 (or what ever it was) a couple of years ago.  Well desperation is over, now carmakers are looking to make a buck. But I imagine there are more reasons than the article notes.. I expect the payback of the bailout is a HUGE reason. Another is surely due to new gov’t restrictions, requirements, etc. I don’t think the car makers are as guilty on this one.. especially since most things often point right back to our greedy, over zealous, power-hungry gov’t.

Nintendo 3DS. Why this was critical to note is beyond me.. my interest is more on daily stuff, or the bigger control items.. a toy when first released often tends to have an exaggerated price tag.. give it time it will come down, never sell, or have more competition. No one NEEDS this.

Health Insurance. But Obama said it would cost less… HA! Ok for those fools who ever bought the crap he was selling, welcome to reality, if you had not noticed it start before now, please feel free to wake up and see it now. And this will ONLY be the beginning…

Breakfast. Cereal, Milk, Eggs & Bacon. Pretty much.. food. Will continue to get ridiculous. Makes me wonder if we will soon see the highest paid job list showing grocery store staff? Maybe the ultimate goal here is to make America thinner, by food prices costing more? Nope, sorry, doesn’t work that way. Note poorer people are often heavier, why? because they can not afford more expensive healthier food, they have to opt for over-processed cheap food (I know,I have been in that situation.. Oodles of Noodles was 10 for $1, it was cheap, but not exactly healthy).

Coffee. The article notes “The world’s coffee supply is contracting”… and this is the reason for coffee prices to soar. Thank goodness I can not stand coffee, not even the smell.. but my husband likes that stuff. Also, is there is there anything that is not contracting anymore? The world has become a pyramid scheme?

Music. I can not recall when I last purchased music, I just flip on the radio, but I wonder how long before they find a way to charge for that too. So digital tunes have gone from 99 cents to $1.29  I am trying to think how many songs are typically on an album, several I just peaked at seem to be around 10-15 songs/album. So that means enough digital songs that would create an album are now under $20, vs under $15… that is around $5 difference, but even at that, I do not see that as a horrible tragedy when you consider how much it cost to buy a cd. There still is the option of just flipping on the radio, so this is not a survival issue.

Dollar Menus. This is a reality that has been ongoing.. fast food places opt for one of two things (or sometimes both at the same time) shrink the item or bloat the price. Well it is bloating time, which does match up with all the other bloated prices going on… no doubt due to rising food prices, too.

Credit Cards. Once again you can say thank you to big-gov’t… the more they try to tighten the reigns on things, the more aggressive things can end up. Credit Cards are a business, they are going to make money one way or another, if they have to control charges one way, there will be fees found in another area. They learned by the gov’t example, that has said that “it’s not a tax, it is a fee”. Remember these little items, since we now have to ask a heck of a lot more questions, and know a political version of the English language.

Refinancing. Like everything else that has had restrictions slapped on them, fees are the new answer. So re-fi will incur new fees. But this is another one that should not be a shocker.. look at the housing market, look at  the foreclosures.. the banks are hurting bad.. and yet again, we can say thank you to the gov’t that insisted that people who had no money to buy a home, should be allowed to have one… and the snowball got bigger. Amazing how many things keep pointing right back to good ole’ big-gov’t?

Sports Ticket Prices. I don’t even know what to say on this one. I have never been able to stay awake through a sports game. I do not get the interest, the draw, the desire to be smashed in a crowd, sit in sticky stands, and try to watch tiny ants on a field below… often in scorching sun. And yet people flock to these things, and fork over what ever price is being charged??? Higher prices surely won’t deter a fan.

College Tuition. Hum bad economy, and high tuition costs… are the colleges trying to have a major crisis? Or are they trying to limit enrollment, and just have one person pay the price of two? Surely an efficient method, they have fewer students to deal with, but get the same $$. Definitely makes sense why there are so many college alternatives, and they seem to be growing too. Of course with Obamacare, there won’t be the same need for doctors, research, etc… and all those college alternatives will be turning out CNAs to care for your major medical problems. Our new motto will soon be…  America… lower the standards for everyone!

Water Rates. Reason.. desperate economy, starving local gov’ts who need to figure out where to pull money from. No big shock there.

Postage Rates. USPS wants a 5.6% increase, so far they have been denied. I think part of their “fight-back” was their pathetic service this past month. We shipped packages from Colorado to DE, MD, SC & CA… the MD & DE took over 2 weeks via parcel post, two other packages sent via priority mail to MD & CA took over a week (one is still to be determined), and yet the parcel post package to SC took about 1 week. I think they are dragging their feet intentionally. They have cut so many things over the years, we live in single family home neighborhood with out mail boxes, we are stuck with those obnoxious gang boxes that are typically only found in condos or town homes. The US Postal service has definitely lost my support, and I was a big supporter of them!

Gold. Apparently this really is the investment we all should be focusing on… and truly is telling of our time, since every time gold is the financial focus, it is because the economy and other situations are in that bad of shape. Yike.

Ammunition. Notice gold, food prices, big gov’t issues.. and then ammo. Does that tell all or what? The reasons noted are due to  increased price of the metals, and due to the conflicts in Iraq & Afghanistan’s increasing demands. The article also notes ammo is a concern when you think of your local police & our nations military. I can not help but wonder if there is an additional underlying cause, perhaps due to the anti-gun gov’t we have? They have not been able to ban guns, so they will make sure no one can load them?  They forget that those with guns are often creative, smart and will figure out a work around!

Movie Ticket Prices. Fewer people using Movie theatres, cheaper to watch at home.. so movie tickets go up. Sadly that really results in them shooting themselves in their own foot.. if the prices go up, they get even fewer people coming to the theatre. I wonder how much longer movie theatres will be around. They need to figure out something vs just increasing prices, they need to find something that actually makes people want to come in. They need a good gimmick, or they will be gone.

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