Leach of the Decade May Lose Home

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

LOS ANGELES — The man who sold his Southern California home to “Octomom” Nadya Suleman said Sunday that he’s going ahead with eviction proceedings because she hasn’t made a long overdue $450,000 payment.

Well gee who did not see that one coming? A welfare case, who used disability benefits for in vitro, who has no job or means of support, who has brought 14 children into the world with out a spouse via in vitro… who was handed tons of gifts, and awards for being a complete leach on society, and handed a home.. again has no job (except being a baby-pez dispenser), golly go figure she can not pay for it. And this is not the first instance where she was not paying, she keeps getting “second chances” (ie April & October, she was about to lose her home too… so will this actually happen this time?)

Wow, gee, who is shocked that she is this much of a loser??

Further recap… looking at videos of her with her premature litter of babies, she has expensive french-manicured nails. How did she afford that? She has had a variety of cosmetic surgeries. How did she afford that? Add the expense of in-vitro. How did she afford that? She does not work, she received gov’t handouts that she claims is not welfare, she does not have a spouse. Basically her money came from disability benefits, and no doubt she found a variety of loopholes to leach from. Plus, she did squat under her parents roof, until they went through foreclosure, so obviously the nut does not fall far from the tree.

Bonus Item: She supports PETA’s campaign about spay/neutering your pets. Wow there is something amusing!

  1. Katie says:

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person….

  2. gypsy says:

    ahh but it has not “happened” YET.. she escaped it several times over already. She likely will sleaze her way out of it again, somehow.

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