The Real Threat? la amenaza de reat? … or Maybe PETA?

Posted: December 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Where the threat lies…. I found this (below) on loonwatch, the focus in their article was that 1% difference between Muslim & Jewish terrorist attacks, and that not all terrorists are Muslim. Or perhaps just reassigning focus to anyone besides Muslims, since they did take digs are “right-wingers” and basically the stand that it is everyone elses fault except Muslims.

I was intrigued.. not about the 1% differences between Jewish & Muslims, but the large piece of the pie representing Latinos as the terrorists to America. Well that sure should cinch the illegal immigrant right? But If this is accurate, and if the US govt did really want to eliminate the illegal immigrant issues this surely would be something they would make very well-known. I gather, there must be some ulterior motive for the American govt to bury this information and extend so many benefits and exceptions to people who sneak into our country and break out laws.

Another Site CraigConsidine comments on the transfer from focusing fear on one group to another. I wish to look at it from another angle.

The reality is we do not have an honest government, and highly doubt one exists, ever. If there is hidden information there is no doubt a motive hidden deep inside. It is terribly naive to believe there is no threat period. It would be naive to think the world will join hands around the campfire & sing songs. There are groups who do and will kill over race, religion, borders, money, etc. Yes I said, groups.. it is not a single individual who somehow has no race, does not stand behind a religion, etc.. so being aware of a group, race, religion does help defend our selves and our country. And I did not say prevent, i said helps… because knowing all threats, and preventing them is impossible and would result in a world of hermits.

Also according to this chart.. the other BIG threat is left-wing groups… hum, so PETA?

  1. Chad says:

    That’s an interesting chart. Despite the frenzied rhetoric of the media, almost all the home grown terror attacks in the US are left wing. You can easily tell: If it ends up that the psycho nutbag is a leftie, then the stories quickly disappear from the news.

  2. Katie says:

    ELF. The Raza. Reconquista. NPR. ACORN. SEIU. Violent left wingers.

    OK, NPR might be slightly pushing it – but they did state that they dream of Limbaugh’s death.

    Look at all the scary people who think that obama hasn’t pushed our country far enough.

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