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Read the following link, because it is true & because it is damn good!

Ace of Spades: Delaware.
Land of..what exactly? Oregonites, New Yorkers, Texans and Californians, besides any potential family that live in that “state”, what purpose does Delaware serve? Those of us in the other 49 states are, frankly, puzzled by its very existence.

They add “Yes, it actually exists”. I love that part.. and personally amusing to me since I grew up in Maryland and (I will admit with shame that) I lived in Delaware too, my grandmother had lived in Pennsylvania and Maryland, yet she actually had no idea Delaware was an actual state. She used to ask me where in New Jersey is Delaware.

I recall reading a long time ago about how Delaware became the “1st State” basically ONLY because they felt the need to prove something. They became a state because Delaware is basically swamp land… Maryland did not want it, Pennsylvania did not want it, not even New Jersey wanted it. So they really needed that one win, the one, the only. Past that Delaware is nothing more than a traffic jam going to and from PA, NJ & MD. Remember Delaware gave us all Biden as the (invisible) Vice President of the US. Biden is the perfect representation of the state of Delaware.

They note that Delaware was mentioned in “Wayne’s World”.. but there was a mention in another show too.. “Simpsons” visited the ‘screen door factory’ as they passed through Delaware in one episode, many moons ago. (basically they were making fun of the lack of interest that Delaware holds)

The U of D… well the comment the article made there, I do know people who went there who had and decades later still have, pride in having gone to U of D. They still cheer for the Blue Hens. But these are people I grew up with, and where I grew up truly would make the U of D seem exiting by comparison, but that  really does not take much.  

I love that they mentioned the tolls. Why on earth would anyone pay so much to sit in Delaware traffic?? Basically to get to tax-free shopping, woo hoo! (note: “woo-ho” was written with complete sarcasm)

Again do visit the article & read it in full.. you will get a chuckle, and if you have lived in Delaware you may bust a gut. Enjoy!

  1. Chad says:

    Delaware – Where men aren’t men, but some of the women are, and the credit card banks own everyone’s soul.

  2. Katie says:

    Hey!! Stop completely knocking it. Chris Christie is a U of D grad!

    So, that’s one….

    DE wasn’t so bad, until the lazy lib takers took over. The state had a surplus. Taxes were low. Jobs were plenty. And the jobs were for all parts of the pop. Car manufacturing for some. DuPont jobs for the educated. Hercules was another good co. The public schools were mostly good, also. Why? Because the DuPonters and the UD people demanded a good system for their kids.

    Now – egad. The EPA running rampant, telling farmers not to farm, sending refinery jobs somewhere else, and chemical jobs? Probably in India at this point. Biden – hey, I’ve never voted for him. Not once. Then the unions, oh my, the unions. bye bye car jobs.

    And, let’s not forget the wonders of deseg. How can you tear up a wonderful public school system and ruin it for generations to come? Desegragation. That way, the kids swimming in the quagmire still don’t leave the quagmire, but, in the name of “fairness”, they drag everyone else down.

    Oh, and I’m a U of D grad – make that two….

    • gypsy says:

      Ahh Katie… Once Upon a Time, in a land far-far-away.. there was a place called Delaware, that had promise etc, etc, etc..

      then enters Biden and the rest of the bumbling fools..

      fast forward and we see that unions, that once had a reason.. like welfare is just a method of getting something for nothing.. and the result the crap “American” vehicles that plague this country… so those businesses go belly up, the plants shut down… and wa-la.

      Add the DuPont story, which definitely is not all roses, but it was the pro-side from the rotting history book for Delaware.

      All in all, what is Delaware NOW? It is a traffic jam between NJ, PA & MD.. and not much else. Sorry Katie, you know it is true.

  3. Katie says:

    Sad thing is, Delaware used to be really good. But, yes, now it is more famous for being the most expensive stretch of toll road in the country. And now, with the crappy “stimulus” dollars, every inch of road that you travel you get to examine quite closely, as you move at a construction caused snail pace….

    And yes, I will admit that some of my favorite DE things are actually in MD…. Not that MD is that much of an improvement.

  4. gypsy says:

    Love that Katie… some of your favorite things in DE are in MD. I am trying to think of what on earth that could be. I grew up in MD, and I really can not think of anything rooted to the state that would draw me back.

    Now I do Love ONLY steamed blue crabs from Baltimore.. no one else on the planet knows how to do that right. Most will boil them, or not season them right..

    Past that.. humm… what else could MD have?

    Growing up my favorite places were all in New England, but with that liberal disease that has infected the entire coast it is really hard to truly enjoy any of those places.. unless there was a way to correct that liberal infection.

    Ah now there is a dream huh?

  5. Katie says:

    Favorite places – in MD. One would be my grandfather’s farm. Absolutely love the place. 200+ acre right on a waterway. House that dates to before 1770 (well at least part of the house). Two staircases in the main part of the house (front and back). One staircase that goes to the rooms above the kitchen (kitchen and those two upper rooms are the original house). Attic that is big enough to actually have rooms (but no electricity – too expensive for my grandparents). First floor consists of the parlour (never really used, the furniture was itchy), the main room, the kitchen (where the women gather) and an actual pantry. Oh, and a bathroom that was fitted under the stair (bathrooms were new-fangled back then, and stuck in any available space).

    Fields that rotated corn, wheat, and pasture for the cows. Barns, milk stables, calf stables and horse stables… Surrounded on three sides by forests, for the huntin’.

    Did I say how much I loved that place?

    Second place, also in MD, along the river. My other grandfather had a one season bungalow close to the river (same river that goes by the farm – coincidence). That meant swimming in the river, jumping off the “diving platform”, and boating. Lots of boating. Boating also meant water skiing and crabbing. All of those wonderful summer days, where my dad, brother and I would pack a cooler with subs, sodas, and chicken (for the crabbing). We’d head out and crab for a while, and when that got to hot, we’d pull in the lines, and take out the skis. Then, maybe we’d go to a good swimmin’ spot, before we’d start crabbing again. We never caught more than a bushel (after all, we crabbed with weighted lines and chicken, and we would slowly pull up the line and try to scoop up the crab). But, yes the Chesapeake Bay blue claw crabs were incredible.

    Sad to say, enviros are ruining all of the above. We can no longer have cows. They are “Saving the Bay” and killing the people. Major landowners are selling out and shipping off. Even crabbing has been severely restricted. And “joy”, the EPA is focusing its efforts on the Bay. Landowners be dam**d.

  6. gypsy says:

    What incredible memories and experiences you had as a child. That is so wonderful.

    My cousins in South Carolina grew up with similar.. the farms (livestock & crops), and they have a lake house.. where they would jump off the pier, fish, boat, swim, etc etc.. and they still do, plus now they share that with their children.

    Maybe because I grew up with city families.. both my parents were from the city. Though we moved to the boonies.. dirt roads, no signs, no people just fields of wheat & corn as far as the eye can see. We had forest surrounding our property too.. and that was my happy place.

    I still have the focus of moving just a few miles north of where I am and getting a nice property with tons of trees.. vs living in a development. While this one is nice, quiet, and the houses are beautiful.. i just love the privacy & nature.

    It definitely is a shame what is happening back in DE & no doubt oozing into MD. You sure had some wonderful memories.

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