Why are Muslims so violent & super-sensitive?

Posted: December 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Muslims claim they are not over sensitive. Really? So why do they offer death threats over cartoons, burqas, etc.. if anything remotely does not praise them, they are offended, outraged, violent and offer death threats! Sensitive, nahhhh. 

So I say.. way to go Top Gear (UK).. I loved you before, I love you even more!! When you see comments like these, do you think Muslims are not violent? Do you think they are not super-sensitive?

MSN “Why is Jeremy Clarkson wearing a Burqa? The Top Gear gang deserve to get hit by an IED,” one tweeter wrote.

And yes this was not the first time Top Gear had fun with Muslims.. but seriously if you are going to drape your women in bed sheets, what the heck do you expect? If you are a people who over react to others who find the fact that these women look like they are forever trick-or-treating amusing, well seriously get over yourselves.. take a long, good look.

Clarkson caused another religious storm in July this year by telling the Top Gear audience he had seen a Muslim woman wearing sexy lingerie under her burqa

This is what offended them…

  1. Katie says:

    Gotta love Top Gear. Now, seriously what is so offensive about that clip? The guys put on some outfit, that’s it. It is not like they were actively ridiculing people (such as they did in the episode that they drove through southern USA).

    I found the following article, that compares treatment of Christians and Muslims in the USA.

  2. mdebusk says:

    My guess is, it’s not a Muslim thing but an Arab culture thing, similar to the UK Borderlands “Redneck/Cracker” culture that was exported to the southern US and the “Black Urban” culture that grew from it.

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