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Step in the Right Direction!

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yes this is not the end, but it is definitely a step in the right direction!

Judge Rules Health Care Law Is Unconstitutional here are two great statements from the article…

“The individual mandate applies across the board. People have no choice and there is no way to avoid it. Those who fall under the individual mandate either comply with it, or they are penalized. It is not based on an activity that they make the choice to undertake. Rather, it is based solely on citizenship and on being alive,” (Vinson)

“That judge, under his mindset, said basically if someone thought that I were overweight, if they rule this way, the federal government would be able to mandate that I go down to the Gold’s Gym and fill out an application and contract with Gold’s Gym to lose weight and lower my cholesterol,” said South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson, whose state is among the parties filing the multi-state suit. “That is the kind of logic that we’re going to right now where you’re actually telling people that they have to engage in an activity and that is simply too broad a policy for the federal government.”

Those who are blind & deaf to the issues with Obamacare try to raise arguments like the deficit will rise if Obamacare is not welcomed. They complain about the current health care industry, yet they want to hand it over to an ill-equipped, in-experienced, financial-disaster of a government? Also if they look at their cry about the deficit, if Obamacare were to benefit the government, who is paying that benefit? Obamacare is just another method for the government to squeeze more money out of the empty pockets of Americans. They created the bills, and we have to pay, and with Obamacare we would pay in more ways vs just financially.

Remember this is part of the snowball, if the government were permitted to steal our rights, and to mandate health care (which would be offered by the government)… where does it all end? Think of how many things in life revolve around health. Think of how the government can and will take over your life! They will know every private facet of your health, and life. People complained about things that were done under Bush, for our security. People complain about the current measures the airlines are taking, in order to insure security in the air. If people think those things are an invasion of their privacy, they really need to think about their health information, and handing over every intimate detail over to the government to browse and control.


Peeking Under the Veil

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From the DailyMail A woman describes how she was sucked in by her extremist Muslim husband. She was in denial for a long time.

Over the course of their marriage she reveals observations, and when reality started really hitting her about her husband’s extremist activities.

Everything is symbolic, a bomb, flag burning, protest, or just words. Muslims take every victory with pride, even things the rest of us do not see as significant. Remember their outrage over the cartoon? They are irrational, and that is the scary part, understanding an erratic irrational mind is extremely difficult. The matter is compounded when it is a group of irrational minds! They feel justified, somehow, in what they think and what they do.

How on earth can any country that has been a Muslim target, ever embrace them? It does not make sense.

The woman in that article also noted her husband lost his job and collected benefits. She tried to point out to him how can he be against British government, how can he accept those benefits. He felt it was justified, since he needed to dedicate his time to the cause. Think about how many ways they intent to infest & destroy a country.. to sponge off of that country, then to try to destroy it. They are an infestation! They are nothing more than vermin. The only “productive” aspect of their life is destruction & death.

They view women as inferior, nothing more than cattle to create offspring, offspring to be used in their battle/cause.

I find their reactions to women fascinating as they are disgusted by “western” culture, the way we dress, the way we act, the lives we choose. They do not fear death, they embrace it. They just do not seem to fear much.. except women.

Another point, when this woman was young she attended some Muslim meetings, when she was basically tossed out for asking too many questions. If everything else does not explain what/who Muslims are, the issue of asking questions sure says a lot!

I am still confused. Who on earth thinks the Obama’s have style, especially the Klingon stand in playing Michelle (seriously she can not be human, right?)

Proving yet again they are far removed from supporting America, Americans, and prefer anything created outside of the US. Michelle wore some hideous creation to the State Dinner. Apparently part of the choice involved the color red for China (honoring our new landlords, perhaps?). But that is saying the USA can not make some red-hefty bag wanna be like this rag she was wearing? The description notes it is asymmetrical, but instead it looks like it was mis-fitted, and unintentionally falling off one shoulder. The seams do not look proper they just look sloppy and slapped together. The pattern is simply atrocious! I think you can find drapes like that from a cheap catalog, outlet, or maybe even Wal-Mart.

Now if we can step back and not look at that horrible attire.. take a look at the pro-reject (Barrack) Obama is wearing, well at least he has the correct button this time.

Look again at expressions.. what the heck is with Michelle’s face? Does she have to poo? Was she blowing bubbles? Then look at the body language, and how they are all posed.. was there a 6 inch space-required between each of them. I imagine the photographer explaining, “ok make sure you are not touching, pose like you are having your mug shot taken at the police station.. ok that will work”.

I decided to include this image, as the article from the DailyMail was adoring her “fashion” & “style”… seriously Britain you all have better taste than this, don’t you?

Seriously she looks frumpy, and what is sad when you think about the things she wears.. they are expensive outfits, that look like crap. The again look at who they are trying to make look good, she is a creepy looking alien.

If only these were real! Dissected & deep-fried  politician parts!! Now there is a good use for them! Surely came with their own grease!

Must visit Buzzfeed to see more odd ball finds from the frozen food section.

The Boob Conspiracy?

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Females are developing breasts at younger & younger ages, and breasts are becoming bigger & bigger.

From Britain (of course) Why ARE women’s breasts getting bigger? The answers may disturb you…

The article notes the early forms of the birth control pill as one possibility. On the same token women opting to have children later, or not at all, and breast-feeding less or not at all. That leads to more menstrual cycles which in turn is affecting women’s health.. and in turn breast size. Aw sorry guys, you probably thought this would be some titillating topic about boobs? Well read on anyhow..

Then we enter menopause, and we add more hormones.. HRT.

In 2002, research published by the Environment Agency showed that an ‘exquisitely potent’ form of oestrogen — which is believed to have entered the rivers through the urine of Pill and HRT-users — was responsible for changing the sex of half of all the male fish in British lowland rivers, and could be contaminating the water supply.

So is that why more British men seem effeminate? The article does note it likely is affecting human fertility (men’s sperm count for one).

Is there a point of return? Can we return to our original forms? Will men become men and women cease being weeble-wobbles? Looks like we are surrounded..

‘Pesticides, plastics and ­cosmetics are my main concerns,’ warns Dr Glenville

For instance, a xenoestrogen called Bisphenol A (or BPA) is widely used in the ­manufacture of tinned food, drinks cans, plastic bottles, glass jars, ­electronic equipment and till receipts — to name but a few items.

Cosmetics & Plastic.. wow sounds like celebrities are surely doomed! And there goes New Jersey!

Whatever you do, don’t mix milk & alcohol. Per the article they also mention the hormones from pregnant cow milk is another potential factor, add that drinking alcohol reduces the body’s ability to break down excess hormones.

All in all.. it sounds like the reality is, big-boobs are here to stay.

Compromise? This is something Obama never learned. Yes the wish is to Repeal (trash & destroy) Obamacare, but he would not compromise one smidge when he pushed it through, he has continued to refuse.. and even when votes are in from the House the best he will “promise” is maybe a “tweak”? We have seen how he “tweaks” it costs a fortune!

Townhall: President Barack Obama ridiculed lingering opposition to his 10-month-old health care law Friday and vowed to oppose efforts to repeal it, underscoring his commitment to his signature legislative achievement despite the new reality of a divided Congress.

Because he knows best, yet he has no clue what is really in it?

 “I’m not open to efforts that will take this law apart without considering the lives and the livelihoods that hang in the balance.”

BUT.. he is NOT considering the lives & livelihoods, as Obamacare compromises businesses, which compromises jobs.. pushing out competition and replacing with Gov’t healthcare, mandates.. the entire structure is enabling more gov’t controls, from a gov’t that has not ability to handle their current responsibilities!

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., dismissed the findings. “More promises of lower premiums for some people at some point in the future is little comfort to the millions who are already seeing higher premiums or won’t be able to keep the coverage they have as the president promised,” McConnell said. “We need to repeal this bill and replace it with commonsense reforms.”

The whisper of common sense surely was drowned out by the rhetoric Obama spews.

He simply won’t listen, and does not care what Americans want. He thinks he knows best, and will force feed us. He can not back up anything he says, again he is inexperienced & he is proving it over & over again.

Again remember he “promised” to work with both parties when he slithered into the White House, yet he has done everything but! He slid this monstrosity under the door, against the will of the people. The effects are already being drained from our wallets, it is just the tip of the iceberg.  He excels at political-speak, where we hear him babbling alot yet never saying a word. He is the ultimate “Artful Dodger”, above to steal and have you thank him. He is sleazy, pure & simple!

Here is something to think about… What is wrong with a Tax Refund? I like this explanation..

MSN: It’s not like you’re gaining anything. That money was always yours. The feds are just giving it back. And that’s the point. When you get a refund, what that really means is that you’ve given the federal government an interest-free loan. You’re just getting your money back.