Third World Medical Care?

Posted: January 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Sewage pouring down the walls, overcrowded facilities, patients gushing blood, screams, women breast-feeding in the halls. A mother having given birth pushed out of a room because they need it for another delivery. Not even room to sit after giving birth, not to mention privacy or care. Ill-educated staff who turn away women who gave birth moments later. Women with horrible-crippling tearing, due to improper (or non-existent) care.

Does that sounds like a third world country to you?

The answer.. that is Britain (see Telegraph/UK). But this is the US, why should be concerned?

Well besides the cruel, inhumane activities that are occurring in Britain, which alone should be reason enough for concern… (heck our country has supported third world countries, starving children, etc, etc.. but yet stories like this get buried). 

Another reason for concern.. our country is facing a fight AGAINST government health care. If we have government health care we run the risk of under staffed facilities, under educated staff, facilities over flowing with patients. The health care system will look more like a flood sale, and the result will be similar. It will be chaos, it will be disorganized, it will have clinic like atmosphere. Do we want that?

And yet there will be those who fuss that there are people who do not get care in American. No, that is NOT the case,  the problem the government is focusing on is not about care, it is about insurance. And when they mandate health insurance for all, restrict doctors, lower-income on medical professionals.. the result there will be less medical professionals.. who are less-educated, the few that remain will also have more patients.

If we want to see our future all we need to do is look at what is happening in the maternity wards in Britain. Open your eyes America!

Thank you to Katie for finding the article I linked to here!

  1. Katie says:

    Let’s not forget the recess appointed head of Medicare and Medicaid Donald Berwick. He has repeatedly stated that we should look to the British Health System as a rolemodel.

    The facts are as follows: Obamacare requirese everyone to have health insurance. All of these people then will want to get some bang for their buck, and will go to a doctor. The doctors are severely limited as to what they can charge. They will then cut appointment times, follow-ups, etc., all in the effort to make their practice profitable. If the office does not profit, there is no reason for it to be in business. If the office can never be profitable, there is absolutely no incentive for an intelligent person to spend over $100K studying, years interning, etc., to attain a medical license. Also, let’s look at the evil insurance companies. They are going to be even more strictly mandated about their company costs. I think that they are going to be required to pay out 80+% of the insurance premiums on the medical payouts. Which, I’m sure that many probably agree with. But, that only leaves the insurance company 20% or less to pay its employees, shareholders, rent, utilities, computor technology, etc…. So, how long before the insurance company “goes under”?

    Maternity care in Britian is appalling. I’m pretty sure that having a child in a rice paddy is more sanitary. I’ve also heard of the incredible toll it is taking on the maternity staff. Evidently, materinity nurses have one of the highest suicide rates in the country. Imagine life for these people. They probably wanted to be part of a wonderful process, helping families in one of the most profound moments of a lifetime. They wanted to help bring life into the world. Then, they meet the horrid reality of the system. No physical way that they can actually do a good job. The knowledge that a baby died because of lack of care that the nurse probably wanted to be able to provide. Having to deal with women in labor, and not having any way to ease the pain….

    Yet, this is what we aspire to?

    • gypsy says:

      beautifully stated Katie, thank you!

      One of the things that has already been happening in the Socialist State of California, is medical care is handled by nurses.. no longer do you see a doctor.. they are rare creatures. This is because of the socialized medicine in CA. They have the clinic atmospheres, they have to wait months for an appt,.. the appts are short, not detailed, and quite pointless.

      It irks me that there can be anyone who can argue for gov’t health care.. Any American who argues for it needs to go to a place with socialize medicine. And anyone who has socialized medicine needs to experienced unsocialized American medicine… then they can compare notes.

      I relate those who have socialized medicine and think it is just wonderful, to the beaten person who knows nothing else.. they learn to accept it, and consider it better than the alternative that they are aware of.

      The tragedy of Britian’s maternity care is definitely something everyone should be made aware of.

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