Dear Mr Liberal Anti-Gun Nut.

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hi there.. this post was inspired by seeing someone actually posting this on FB:

Yeah, yeah Mr Gunlover, I know – guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

Which is why they shouldn’t be allowed guns…

Sure we could disallow everything that people can use as a weapon… forks, knives and spoons (since spoons can be sharpened to a point), rope or piano wire, cars, planes, trains, motorcycles, stairs… We will also need to remove all rocks, since they have several options being a blunt or sharp object of murder. Trees will need to go, since you can make spears from the wood.

So yes Mr Liberal.. people kill people, so obviously people would be what needs to ultimately be eliminated.

Reality Check Mr Liberal, honest law-abiding gun owners, do not kill people.. criminals do. Gun-free gun zones are just a welcome sign to criminals. If they know you are armed they are far less likely to take the risk.

But that is ok, Mr Liberal, you have the police to protect you right? So lets look at your scenario.. someone approaches you with a gun, how much time do you have to aim that phone and dial? Now say you are able to dial for help, how much time until the police arrive before you are shot and are in shock from blood loss, or dead? As you gurgle with blood, can I ask you.. what again killed you? Was it a gun? Or was it a person holding the gun, aimed at you, and then shot?

By the way.. I have to note, I commented to Mr Liberal’s post, he deleted it immediately. I was not sure if it was a glitch or intentional, I re-commented, deleted again with in seconds. I did not write anything nasty, mean, or condemning him, just the point that if you want to eliminate all things that can be used as a weapon, where does that end?

This is the problem with the liberal perspective, they like to fuss and whine, they do not want to hear any point besides their own (especially if it is logical). They want to remain isolated in their own form of “reality”. They try to portray themselves as intelligent, when they are not. Anyone who refuses to listen also fails to learn. That goes for hearing wrong as well as right things. If you are intelligent and you hear something wrong, you can verify and clarify it. If you hear something right, you can verify and learn from it.

 Simply: It takes a smart person to admit when they are wrong and learn from it. So Dear Liberals, prove you are smart, wake up and start listening!

  1. Chad says:

    “Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”
    And of course, the multiple court cases that have confirmed over and over again that the police are not responsible for your personal safety, they’re purpose is to clean up the blood after the fact.

    Besides, Mr Liberal up there is only suffering from projection. He knows that if he had a gun in a traffic jam, he’d start shooting people. And for him its impossible for him to even imagine that other people would have more self control than that.

    • gypsy says:

      Somehow eventually my comments showed up on his post, and he did respond.
      One of his comments was that he is thankfully nothing more than a 5″ concealed knife is permitted.
      My response to that was, that is more than enough to cut a throat, or do damage in many other ways.. plus is there a limit to the length of piano wire?
      His other arguement assumed I never held a gun.. (snicker).. and said holding a gun you have this sense of power, and can kill with ease etc.. I am betting he never held a gun. Nor ever shot someone with a gun. Alas I did inform him,I own a gun, and I have shot several. Should be interesting to see how he responds frome there, eh?

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