Investigating the Liberal Mind.

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

We can take a look at the daily responses of a Liberal.. they are largely projection, and misconception. They can not see what the real issues are, and find it easier to just tag them on a single “enemy”.. which they have decided is any thing not on the Liberal Left.

Think about Obama’s knee jerk response about any issue that lands on his lap, “it was Bush’s fault”. He words it in a variety of ways, just to mix things up.. but it is the same song & dance. One of the alternatives is he can not help what mess he entered into…

What makes me nuts about those brush offs, was he not in the US when he ran? He was not born into the job, he chose to run for the position. No one forced him. He made lofty promises, that he can not nor could not keep. His answer to everything is just spend it away. Surely, If you are drowning in enough debt you won’t notice.

Keep in mind while the left trying to sound like they are broad-minded, and thinking with both eyes open.. well, this cartoon defines that view extremely well..

If they could/would open their eyes they would realize that certain events are just that.. events. In the situation of the nut job who shot Gifford, the shooter was completely and absolutely nuts. But Liberals make their own selves look nuttier when every issue that comes up they prefer to tag as tea-party, Palin, or conservatives.. etc.

Seriously Lefties stop giving the non-lefties a reason to think you are completely off your rocker!

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