No win? Solar vs Nature.

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Thank you again to Katie for this find from Reuters:

My first thoughts before I could even complete reading the article on “Conservation Group vs Solar Power“… I am imagining “Spy vs Spy” from Mad magazine, I am picturing a Monty Python Skit, I start hearing Abbot & Costello doing some wonderful banter, and then of course Bugs Bunny vs Elmer Fudd.

The battle for eco options (solar plants, wind power, etc) vs plants, birds, reptiles, mammals, water, etc..

We have been waiting to see this battle happen, it was inevitable. Is there any good option? Something has to give, always.. period. Even if we wipe out cars, planes, trains, and stop heating/cooling homes and businesses. There is a point of survival. Since plants surely suffer, as they are eaten. Water has micro-organisms that are consumed when we drink. As we walk, countless things are very well-being crushed with each step. Every species will fight for survival, and will consume to survive, they will readjust where they live or die.

No matter the time period there is a complaint, there is pollution, there is waste. There is a reason why the black plague happened. There were problems due to the industrial age in this country. Through out time there is always a big funky cloud. And it is always due to progress. So do we cease progress, do we just revert to the stone age? I think that is the ultimate goal of eco-freaks.

Think about it… when the cave people killed, they consumed the meat, and wore the skins. They used everything, they were the ultimate dream for eco-freaks. But the animal rights groups would have a hissy over that. So Guess they would all eat leaves, and wear them too? Surely there would be a group that would come forward and complain that the cave people were taking valuable living space from lions or bears. Guess they would need to apologize and pay reparations?

No matter what there simply seems to be no happy answer. Something always has to give, somewhere, somehow. I do feel that the ability of homes that could create their own power has somehow been suppressed by our government. Until the government can find some way to manipulate it, gain from it, mandate it, and make it ineffective (basically making solar power in their own gov’t image), it just will never really happen. The solar plant no doubt will be expensive and unproductive. It likely will be out of date, and usage in a matter of years. They will find new smaller options, that work better etc.. so they will need to dismantle & waste the expensive item they installed, and spend more to create the smaller more efficient version. I see it as never-ending. Advances in technology keep moving faster and faster, they likely won’t be able to build as quickly as something new and better can be created.

In the interim the battle of nature vs power will continue.

  1. Katie says:

    Let’s get ready to rumble.

    Death match grudge match – fight ’til there is only one…. Solar freaks v. nature freaks. Pay per view event. ELF can help them blow each other up. Seriously, would we even miss them?

    The truth is that there is a cost for every energy choice. Birds fly into wind mills. Desert animals for some reason die with the solar panels (unsure how that happens, couldn’t they hide under them to catch some shade?).

    Actually, and ironically, the most animal friendly eco nicey nice thing that I heard is the Alaskan oil pipeline. Yes, that evil oil. Well, as it turns out, the oil pipeline area is warmer than the rest of Alaskan nature. The Alaskan animals breed more in the warmer oil pipeline area, and as a result, their populations are thriving….

    Take that, ecofreaks.

    • gypsy says:

      great comment Katie.. (love that a grudge match, priceless) and that is the thing.. animals are adaptable.. the strong adapt and survive.

      Imagine if nothing ever became extinct? Think of all the new creatures that have developed over the course of time.. look at the differences have from previous family members. They develop and change.

      That is something that always irks me about eco-freaks.. they are so hung up on saving the last of a species, with out realizing why that is the last of its species.. or noticing something new developed, an improvement of that animal (tree, plant etc).

  2. The Old Man says:

    Sorry, darlin’, but if ANYONE could invent/perfect/design a way for single-family dwellings to be self-sufficient in energy as posited by your “suppressed by the government” remark, the inventor would make Bill Gates look like a pauper. If you can, please do.
    The rest of us seem to be constricted by the Laws of Thermodynamics.

    Lovely thought, though. Places the blame on hoo-mans instead of physics… Same reason that hydrocarbons rule the useful energy matrix instead of solar or hydro – density of useful energy….

    • gypsy says:

      “Old Man”.. oh do I wish I had the knowledge to create such a thing,… I do love your input, thank you!

      but I honestly would not be terribly surprised if someone does have the ability out there, and it has been somehow surpressed by the gov’t..

      The gov’t is not a stranger to holding things back, because they would not profit from it, or had not figured exactly how to.

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