November 2012 Election: 657 Days away!

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2012 Presidential Possibilities.

Countdown: Today’s date January 18, 2011, 11:00 pm
2012 Election Countdown date November 6, 2012, 8:00 pm
Countdown 657 days 20 hours 59 minutes left

657 days, Oh that sounds so long!! It feels like we have had Obama for a decade!

Just a year from now the fireworks will begin for the next Presidential elections.. in the mean time surely clues will be revealed who will run, and events will give a clue as who could win. If you have not been watching the next candidates, now is the time to start watching these people, and anyone else who seems like they may enter the arena.

Thinking of the candidates, and our current president… I wonder will people opt for another inexperienced president? Will they trust so easily in 2012? Will they flip and opt for someone who is the complete opposite? Will they want to keep going for “firsts”, a woman, gay, or non-white male? Will they be turned off by Republicans & Democrats, and opt for an Independent or Libertarian ?

Looking over some of the information noted on link (noted at the top of this page) and other sources…. I am liking Newt Gingrinch, Tim Pawlenty & Jim DeMint.

A few of my thoughts: I find it hard to believe Mitt Romney can really be called a Republican, he sounds like he is just another Obama. With Sarah Palin, she is an interesting individual but I think she has burned too many bridges and allowed too much negative light… maybe down the line that light will improve for her. Huckabee, is likely too far Right, and just won’t get his foot in the door.. I don’t think he can get the support he wants, he may run a decent race but he won’t likely win. Donald Trump, if people opt for someone who is not in politics he likely will have a decent shot, if the economy stays in bad shape people may look for someone who has business sense vs political experience. Petraeus, if we have some horrible terrorist issue in the next year, he would be a good one to look to, someone who has a military mind and could hopefully make our country safe.

There is an oddball under the Independent label.  A young woman, with just a technical school certificate, with call center and convenience store experience on her resume. I am really expecting her name is out there for kicks. While yes people chose Obama, I don’t think they would opt for someone with even less experience and even less education. Though I am sure in contrast to a career politician she would be an honest, down to earth type.. but really, it has to be a joke.

Please share you thoughts on the candidates, and if you think there may be others who may hop in the ring.

Republican: there are a ton of Republican’s on the list, it will be interesting to see which ones end up making the next cut.

  • Haley Barbour (Mississippi Governor)
  • John Bolton (Former Ambassador UN)
  • Scott Brown (Senator Massachusetts)
  • Jeb Bush (Former Florida Governor)
  • Chris Christie (Governor NJ) He is on the list of potentials but he has strongly stated he has no plan to run.
  • Mitch Daniels (Governor Indiana)
  • Jim DeMint (Senator SC)
  • Newt Gingrich (Former Speaker of the House) born 6-17-43. Pro-life. Health Care (plans should cross state lines, more competition, against nationalized health care). Guns (pro-gun rights). Budget(wants to reduce the size of gov’t & spending). Immigration (we need border security, tougher visa standards, and no amnesty) Deficit (the gov’t should look at the private sector & imitate them, and the gov’t is too big)
  • Lindsey Graham (Senator SC)
  • Gary Johnson (Former Governor NM) Libertarian, does not attend church, is pro-choice, pro-free-trade, pro-immigration & critic on the war on drugs/pro legalizing marijuana.
  • Fred Karger (Political Consultant/Gay Rights activist) seriously considering running for President.
  • Bob McDonnell (Governor VA) may also be a strong vp candidate.
  • Mike Huckabee (Former Governor Arkansas) Opponent of gay marriage, gun control, racism & antisemitism.  born 8-24-55. Pro-life. Health Care (health care for all, address life style choices, supports state funded care). Guns (pro gun rights). Budget (reduced taxes). immigration (stronger policies needed). Same Sex( against same-sex marriage) Taxes (wants a flat-tax, against increases & VAT tax) Poverty (supports programs that gets people back on their feet)
  • Bobby Jindal (Governor Louisiana) Said he will not to run for president, but might ok a vp run.
  • Sarah Palin (Governor Alaska) born 2-11-64 Pro-life. Guns (pro-gun rights). Budget (wants tax cuts & reduced spending) Immigration (wishy-washy). Same Sex (against same-sex, but her stand is more about not changing the definition of traditional marriage). Taxes (against increases, supports cuts) Poverty (strongly supports Salvation Army & faith-based programs)
  • Ron Paul (US Rep Texas)
  • Tim Pawlenty (Governor Minnesota) born 11-27-60 Pro-Life. Health Care (Wants repeal of Obamacare, supports market driven programs & competition). Guns (pro-gun rights). Budget (supports federal spending freeze, wants to get spending under control, and homeowner education/assistance for to curb the foreclosure problem). Immigration (advocate for border control, and identifies the issue that being here illegally is an unlawful). Same-Sex (against same-sex marriage) Taxes (does not feel citizens should pay for gov’t overspending, supports tax cuts & reductions) Deficit (fed gov’t needs to cut spending & limit gov’t) Poverty (believes in education is the way out of poverty, teach vs give hand outs)
  • Mike Pence (US Rep Indiana)  
  • David Petraeus (US Army General)
  • Mitt Romney (Former Governor Massachusetts) born 3-12-47 Pro-life. Health Care (supports Universal Health Care, but not gov’t program that would raise taxes, he implemented universal health are for Massachusetts). Guns (has flip-flopped on his stand on guns). Budget (appears to have economic plans that mimic Obamas). Immigration (extremely wishy-washy, supports tuition & scholarships, against amnesty, illegals should go home eventually, children born in the US by illegals are instant citizens) Same-Sex (strongly against same-sex marriages, civil unions, etc). Taxes (supports middle-class cuts). Poverty (believes the welfare system is part of the problem, creates a culture of poverty)
  • John Thune (Senator SD)
  • Don Trump (Business/”Celebrity”)
  • Marco Rubio (Senator Florida)
  • Rick Santorum (Senator PA)

Independent: I expect there may be some Republicans who may sway to the Independent label, if they can’t stack the deck in their favor.

  • Mike Bloomberg (Mayor NY) born 2-14-42. Pro-choice. Health Care (endorses NM plan, wants health care for all, would ban trans-fat in restaurants, and ban public smoking). Guns (is for gun control, stricter policy against criminals ability to obtain guns). Budget (fiscal conservative). Immigration (he believes NY would collapse with out illegal labor, amnesty should be given to those who already are here, wants faster mode to citizenship, and that border control is unrealistic). Same-Sex (for same-sex marriage). Taxes (it’s a reality of life) Deficit (there should only be spending if there is money in the budget). Poverty (more funding is needed to fight poverty)
  • Charlie Crist (Governor Florida)
  • Becky Rusher (Computer technician) born 8-5-74 I am swearing this has to be a joke. She has a 2 year associates degree from a technical school, worked tech-support , call center & a convenience store… but I guess she is running with the fact that our current president did not have experience and was not qualified to be the president?  Pro-Choice. Health Care (against what is outlined in Obamacare, and does not want a gov’t run health care plan). Guns (wants more gun control) Budget (believes in spend now, it will even out later) Immigration (speak English & come to the US via proper channels).  Same-sex (she does not care) Taxes (thinks the rich should make up for the rest). Deficit (they should not spend what they don’t have, it needs better management) Poverty (supports the welfare system)

Democrat: I can not wait to see who will run against Obama.. really there has to be someone. The Democrats have been displeased with him, surely someone will run against him.

  • Barack Obama  born 8-4-61 Pro-Abortion. Health Care (pro Nationalized Gov’t Health care). Guns (history of anti-gun support, but sings different tunes based on audience). Immigration (wishy-washy). Same Sex (wishy-washy). Taxes (promotes a “Robin-Hood” approach, but sneaks taxes under different labels & names) Poverty (mainly to redefine the definition of poverty)

Libertarian: Like the Independent party, if the deck is not in the Republican’s favor,I can see them switching sides.

  • Wayne Allyn Root (entrepeneur/Author & political commentator)
  1. Imagine a Petraeus/Jindall ticket!

  2. gypsy says:

    I think that would be a neat combo!

  3. […] in January I posted about some potential 2012 candidates and I definitely like Pawlenty… Tim Pawlenty (Governor Minnesota) born 11-27-60 Pro-Life. […]

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