DC fights THEIR Enemy?

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

from Townhall. Guy Benson offers a very interesting item… My view on this story, confirms people in DC are nuts, though I did not need further verification of that fact, this is just additional confirmation.

What is the horror they are protesting about (now)? An intrusion that might offer jobs and affordable products.. a Wal-Mart. How do they intend to handle it? By intruding on the privacy of the developer, at his own personal residence!

Note the flier… has a target on a happy face (Wal-Mart uses to highlight low prices & happy customers).. basically this could be viewed as a threat, and these protestors should be arrested!

Their issues? They think Wal-Mart will increase their high unemployment, quick someone get them to a math class! They think Wal-Mart will eliminate retail jobs? How would they manage that, by hiring those people? So how is that increasing unemployment? This sounds like there would be more job openings. The are fighting against low wages & poor benefits.. hum with around 10% unemployment in DC, I guess that means these people would have to give up unemployment benefits and work?.. see that is the real issue! They fear Wal-Mart will kill small businesses, of course because they will be held by gun-point to shop at Wal-Mart.

(In my head, I am now flashing to the South Park Wal-Mart episode, the kids explained to the parents they can kill Wal-Mart by not shopping there, the parents in a zombie-like state explain they are drawn to the low prices.. and near the end the one kid’s father ends up working there, for the discounts!).

Now the REAL reason? It is on the flier, see if you can find it.. Wal-Mart supports “right-wing” candidates.. oh no! What will become of DC? Might they get their heads out of their asses for a change, and see the light of day? Will they suffer the horror of listening to non-Liberal viewpoints? Is this the fall of Liberal society?

and just for fun Guy Benson included an unemployment graph at the bottom of his page.. I am including it too. This truly illustrates the problem.. Note 2008, what even happened at the end of 2008? Yes unemployment was on a rise before he entered the white-house, but you can see it peaked a year later! It went down, but DC has seen the highest unemployment since Obama became president. And yet these idiots in DC resist the Right? They resist a chance to have jobs, vs welfare? Can someone sift the logic out of that pile of poo for me!?

  1. Katie says:

    Frankly, not a Walmart fan. I just hate big box stores. My solution – I don’t go to Walmart.

    What is it about the libs that denies them the basic, common sense that someone’s private home (where their kids live) should be out of bounds? I just picture the union protest in front of the bank exec’s house, where only a 14 year old boy was in the home – terrorized to the point of locking himself in the bathroom.

    So, homes should be out of bounds. Protest at the site. Protest at a Walmart (you know, after you shop for goodies). Just don’t shop there…. And the bull’s eye poster – gee, where is the msm outcry? Or are they saying that Sarah made the flyers?

  2. gypsy says:

    I am not a major fan of Walmart either.. we have a super Walmart north & south of us, and Super Target north & south of us.. plus if we head west we can get to other ones too.

    I will say the walmart north of us has really improved, they are not the junk yard that walmart tended to be famous for.. much cleaner, they have redesigned things to the point I really had no idea I was in Walmart anymore.

    Also I love at Christmas they have a Salvation Army guy with an accordion.. that is cool!

    But the bottom line, if someone does not want a store.. protesting at a personal residence is really sleazy.. if they don’t want it, don’t shop there.. or a million other legal decent methods can be followed.. but these people are just ass holes, period.. really i can think of nothing better to call them, pure and simple they are the elimination of waste in progress.. and serve no other purpose!

    The bulls eye poster.. don’t you love how this story was basically buried? Guess they could not figure out how to spin it to Palin.. or they were too busy with their recent attack on her?

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