Real Hope? Repeal Day!

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

We’re All Gonna Die this article takes a look at Britains love-hate with their own health care system… and the problem of America repeating the same mistake. The Democrats are resorting to last-ditch efforts of everyone “will die” if this is repealed. It will cost a fortune if it is repealed (because it will be cheaper to insure MORE people?). And they are aware it is not written right, but that can be fixed, eventually. Wow!

This sounds like a push-pull or tow sleazy sales gimmick. Sure it does not work, and is rusted out, but you can replace the body, the engine, interior, etc.. and it will be great! Sure it will cost as much as buying new, but you are here now so just take it.

So how will people die without health care? This democrat (John Garamendi from California, of course) summarizes it is because they wait too late to get the care they need. Yet.. so if we change to Obamacare, the wait will be longer for everyone, less physicians, less educated medical staff, less time to spend with patients, etc.. the result will actually end up More people who would Die with Obamacare! So Killing Obamacare will save lives!!

Greta gets Garamendi on the 220 some businesses who were given a waiver on participating in this health care concept. Garamendi stammers over his response, as he is trying to pull something out of his ass. Well… um, they are still offering insurance to their employees. Greta states, but they are not buying into this plan? The conversation goes back and forth as Garamendi refuses to actually answer, simply because he does not have an answer… well not one he can share anyhow. The real answer is they bought off big companies to play on their side.

Garamendi states what went on last year was about process, not about content. Doesn’t that say it all! And that is what I have been saying since they slipped it under the door. It was not about changing the health care system, rather not about helping people as they try to spin it, it was to prove they could! And he reiterates that it is a good bill, if you repeal it people will suffer. What the democrats keep missing is doing it right the first time. Sure things may end up being altered over time.. but there is a huge difference between throwing something out there just to throw something out there (and to prove you can get it to stick), and actually putting together something that works. Maybe they were taking advice from GM on how to build things, just slap it together and bring it back when it breaks… see you tomorrow.

I like this commentary on Townhall here is a clip from it..

Last year, the Obamacare Democrats told America to shut up and do as we say. Now they have to explain why and how. It’s going to be fun listening in.

More views on what is wrong with anything Obama tries to slide through the cracks.. Chuck Norris “Obama’s Baby Death Panels” Part 1.  & Part 2 Chuck overviews Obamacare, and asks questions about repeal, about secrets, points out what WE the People should do  and more…

Of course, President Barack Obama’s executive orders aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. Proof came this past year, when it was discovered that federal funds were, in fact, being funneled to provide for abortive services in Pennsylvania and New Mexico

The numbers Norris shares are very interesting… in the course of 6 years Planned Parenthood received $657.1 million in gov’t funds (taxpayers). The in 1 year, Obama’s 1st year as president, Planned Parenthood received $363.2 milllion in grants & contracts. The result 324,800 abortions.

If there was any question as why this is an issue to be discussed, think about a few things… We are ALL paying for abortions, the money the gov’t hands over to Planned Parenthood is OUR Money. We should have a say in what happens to that money! And a quote from Norris’ article, says so much…

Abortion isn’t health care!


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