United States of China?

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

and you thought it was going to be tough learning Spanish…

  1. Chad says:

    It’s a good thing we watched all those Firefly episodes recently, we can pick up a lot of chinese curse words at least, dong-ma? http://www.fireflywiki.org/Firefly/ChinesePhrases

  2. You – werry funny vomen!

  3. Chad, art thou really a Firefly fan? We discovered the series a couple of years ago, and there’s not a week goes by that we don’t yell through the house: “We’re doin’ Firefly!” and everybody gathers around the family boob tube. We often replay Our Mrs. Reynolds, and invariably rerun, several times, the cargo deck scene when Zoe gathers the crew to introduce Saffron to them.

    Mal: “I don’t know her!”
    Jayne: “Well, can I know her?”
    Zoe: (pops Jayne on the wrist): “Jayne, don’t sully this!”)

    etc. etc. ad infinitum, but NEVER ad nauseam!

    Best show ever. BTW, what IS Shepherd Book’s real story?

  4. gypsy says:

    Chad.. ahh so Firefly really is a training film?
    Mike.. what thank ya!
    Mike… Firefly, yup we like that show, trying to think what episode is my favorite, guess we will have to rewatch them all, again.. (grin).
    Shepherd’s real story, I do like that they do keep that a bit of a mystery, but don’t make it a focus.. basically they leave it so if you watched it you wonder, if you don’t you would not think of it. It could be a dozen things, he could be a criminal, he could be a high ranking person, .. or several other things, I do think the shepherd part is a cover.
    One thing I find interesting is thinking about what is going through Joss Whedon’s mind, look at Buffy, look at Firefly, look at any show he has had.. the no doubt likes powerful women who kick butt eh?

  5. Katie says:

    laughing. Clicked on this to talk about the landlord Chinese, get sucked into Firefly discussion.

    I was just joking with my husband on Fri about how many Firefly DVD’s he has. (2). But, how many has he purchased? over 5. Makes great gifts. Spread the joy of Firefly to all of your friends….

    Favorite episode…. must go watch again… darn.

  6. gypsy says:

    Katie.. don’t you love the direction we can take things? (Smiles)..

    Too funny about matt’s collection.. it really is a great show, go figure it is gone.. guess not enough nudity, and since they did not opt for regular cuss-words.. people just had no idea? Or a million other idiotic reasons.

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