Because it is that darn good!

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

My hubbie just shared an incredible blog with me.. Mauser & Muffins This is really a fun read!

I love her post for January 23rd.. Why I Carry  Firearm.

Because I’d look stupid pushing a gun around in a stroller.

Because lightning never hits the bad guy at the opportune time.

and more..

I chose the stroller one, because you know that sounds like a great idea.. would be easier to carry ammo, and a variety of guns. And think of all the interesting responses you would get someone as they peek into the stroller to goo at.. what the heck is that? Ahh what fun!  (and bonus if they are an anti-gun liberal!)

And I chose the lightning one because.. I do think that is how an anti-gun nut thinks things will be corrected.. and heck surely if you don’t believe in guns “they” can’t hurt you. (note sarcasm)


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