38 years later: More decay!

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Over the weekend the Roe vs Wade decision turned 38 years old. This is a good time to remember how something that may seem to have a good intention can be expanded, bloated & warped.

I am not saying I approve abortions, the reality of them is barbaric, and the way too many women treat them as an alternative form of birth control is disturbing. I see the only reason ever should be in a medical necessity case, period. They should not be because a woman changed her mind, or oops she forgot the condom, or any number of reasons people try to create.

The argument for “Choice” disturbs me. Women’s libbers try to frame it as empowering that women have such a choice, that is their body, blah, blah, blah. Yet they can not look at the other side of that same coin. It is empowering to not be a slut, to protect yourself, and not take such risks. The risks are not only eliminating that child, but the woman also is risking her life with the procedure, not to mention other risks of unprotected sex. So the power comes from controlling her reproduction, sexual whims, and overall her own body.

I always found the argument women’s libbers make about sex, jobs, rights, etc.. and they also make a clear point of hating men, to be fascinating. So why would a group that hates men also want to be a man? They want to have sex with out responsibility, they want the same jobs, and rights as men. They miss the point that women are not men, and that is not a bad thing. Perhaps they are not men haters, but they actually are women haters, and suffer from serious penis-envy? There are plenty of things a man can’t do that a woman can, and visa versa.. and yet plenty of things both sexes are equally strong at.  This is a good thing! If we were the same, how boring would the world be, we might as well reproduce asexually. There would be no advancement in anything since advancement is largely directed at impressing others (specifically the opposite sex).

Back to the topic..

What is the reality of that decision? What is the reality of what happens to these babies? And how far can they expand when an abortion is “acceptable”?

My friend Katie had some incredible items she shared with me, and very good points to each..

USAToday: Obama applauds the Roe vs Wade decision. He talks about how the government should not intervene in private family matters. Really? Wow, ok that goes against everything he has pushed for since slithering into the White House. Obamacare for one is a complete invasion of private family matters. The government will know your every medical issue, they will also be involved in making decisions (for you). Yet.. abortion is ok? And private? Interesting.

Townhall: Who is the monster? Recent news speaks of (Philadelphia abortion doctor) Gosnell, and the horror of the blood found on his hands. Yet who is the monster? Obama fully supports abortion, and even supports inducing labor early, then  if the baby lives.. letting the  baby die. Side note here, people who oppose torture to the terrorists (who have tortured our people).. yet there is no outrage over Obama who supports the torture & death for infants?

…while Gosnell was collecting jars of tiny feet, severed from the babies he ended the lives of, abortion practitioners from coast to coast were performing the eerily similar procedures. And 100% of them done with the backing of the National Organization for Women, the National Abortion Rights Action League, and a long list of U.S. Senators, including then Senator Barack Obama

…could continue a practice in which a woman’s labor could be induced weeks ahead of delivery. Roughly 75% of the children would die in the process, leaving roughly 25% who survived.

Instead of snipping spinal cords, the hospital would leave the children in the now infamous “soiled utility closet” to perish from exposure and neglect. Sometimes these children would expire in 45 minutes. Many times the children would struggle for life for the full 8 hours of a nurse’s shift. And on multiple occasions the children would live for nearly a day.

Michelle Malkin: She includes a 281 page grand jury report, which goes into the gory details of  the Gosnell abortions. She also remarks the reason this story has been buried in the news, they could not find a way to demonized conservatives.. the reality it makes liberals look really bad (and it should). The grand jury conclusion is that all those involved should be terminated, who ever allowed or permitted this to happen. You know what? If they actually were able to do that, we would have an emergency election to replace nearly every politician out there, since so many, no doubt have somehow been involved in either allowing this happen, or simply looking the other way. I imagine the blood trail is long & wide!

 Some of those they can identify (so far).. PA Dept of Health, PA Department of State, PA Dept of Public Health, local PA hospitals, National Abortion Federation… again I am sure this is just the tip of a bloody iceberg.  

“This case is about a doctor who killed babies and endangered women. What we mean is that he regularly and illegally delivered live, viable, babies in the third trimester of pregnancy – and then murdered these newborns by severing their spinal cords with scissors. The medical practice by which he carried out this business was a filthy fraud in which he overdosed his patients with dangerous drugs, spread venereal disease among them with infected instruments, perforated their wombs and bowels – and, on at least two occasions, caused their deaths. Over the years, many people came to know that something was going on here. But no one put a stop to it.”


See these baby feet in specimen jars.. Gosnell said it was research. What research would involve severed baby feet?

How big is the abortion snowball? What else is a factor? There are always fringe elements to every major issue, that get blurred or ignored. One of the thoughts my friend Katie shared makes a ton of sense.. Think about the Muslim world.. honor killings, babies slaughtered and tossed in trash heaps, babies being stoned to death, etc.. Then look at the things that Obama is supporting. Yes he has stated he is not a Muslim, so set that part aside, look at how protective he is of Muslims, how he embraces Muslims, and how he sees no problem with their culture. When you connect the dots it does not draw a pretty picture. Look also at the problems Britain has experienced in under-staffed, poorly managed birth centers. At the same time look at how Britain has embraced Muslims, doesn’t it seem Muslim culture is absorbing what Britain once was, as Britain’s birthing centers are turning into third-world horrors?

What direction does our country seem to be slipping into? Does our country seem to be growing stronger, or bending over to communist & socialist countries? We have handed over our money to Communist China. We have a president who spits in the face of allies, and embraces those who would sooner destroy our country and our people. Is abortion part of this puzzle? Something really stinks and no doubt the decaying bodies of babies are a part of that stench.

  1. Katie says:

    Regarding the Philly clinic – complaints about the facility had been made for years and years. Only after an actual mother death did they finally start investigating.


    Because abortion supporters will not allow anything to impede the instant access to abortions that they proudly proclaim is the right of every woman.

    Underage girl pregnant? Why should she have to have parental approval for a surgical procedure? After all, those parents might try to disuade her. So, because an incredibly minute of cases might involve incest, the whole mass of young girls have instant access to abortions, without their parents’ knowledge. Robbing the parents of an incredible opportunity to have a meaningful discussion with their obviously troubled girl. Robbing her parents of the knowledge that someone has gotten into the “hen house” and that precautions are not being taken….

    The abortion supporters cannot give an inch, or they think that their whole house of cards will collapse. Look at the late term abortions. Why are they “necessary”? Unless the mom’s life is actually in danger (again, a very small percentage) why abort a viable child? And yet, Obama voted three times to allow live born infants to be placed in a closet, and to be neglected to death.

    And, he strongly voices that he wants his daughters to have the opportunity of having an abortion. Wow. Will he put a bow on that birthday present?

    OK. Devil’s advocate here – what did the Philly barbarian do that was actually “so bad”? Obama wants these infants to be placed in a closet and left to die. The doctor merely sped up the process by snipping the spinal cords with scissors. Both result in the death of the infant….

    In Pakistan, they have a growing infantacide problem. Many infants, mostly female, are being left to die. And, the solution that the “enlightened” people have – they want Pakistan to legalize abortions…. So, the solution to infanticide is abortion….. Anyone see anything wrong with that picture??

    • Tina Amberg says:

      It is amazing how this kind of thing was kept buried!

      I also find it irkesome that people can support something, with out knowing what they are supporting.. if they truly do, they too are sick & disturbed people!

      Obama vs Gosnell.. Obama’s course of action definitely is/was worse.. leaving the babies to suffer & die. Vs instant death. not that either is right… and yet people oppose the death penalty for murderers?? But Abortions are ok?

      The rare case of incest, that should be handled properly, so the parent(s) or relative can be charged properly.. why keep it secret & hush hush? If things were handled properly.. both in the rare case of incest and the popular problem of children gone wild.. there could be an appropriate end to this problem, vs putting a child through the horror of an abortion (both the child & the child’s child).

      All in all, this is horrible.. and people still keep a blind eye on it!

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