Reality Check: Health Care & Postal Service

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Postal Service Eyes Closing Thousands of Post Offices

Is this a postal-hissy fit?

Last year they wanted to raise postage rates. They were denied, so it seems they decided to hold packages and drag their feet. When we shipped Christmas gifts to family, it took a month for some of those packages to be received (that normally would take a couple of days).

Also last year the Postal service spoke of closing 491 post offices, they have now boosted that number to 2,000. They have their eyes on another 16,000!

Look at that again.. they are eyeballing closing around 18,000 post offices.. they have around 32,000.. so they are pondering closing over 1/2 of the post offices!

The Postal Service has constantly raised rates, cut services, and screwed up delivery. We live in a single family home development and do not have mail boxes at our homes, we have a gang box like you would see in an apartment complex!

They claim different reasons each time they cut a service or raise a rate. The gang boxes were “due to stolen mail/idenity theft” issues, the real reason was to squeeze more work out of less carriers. Just like the idea of eliminating post offices, and raising rates.. they know it will not cut costs.

Reality Check: Remember the Postal Service is a government agency, so realize again how this relates to health care. If the government has a suffering business with the postal service, what do you think the result will be with health care?


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