Finally: Good News on the Repeal & Obamacare Explained.

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

We still do have some positive hope!! 26 States are fighting to find the Healthcare mandate portion of ObamaCare unConstitutional. Interesting enough, during Obama’s pre-white house campaigning he ran against Hillary Clinton’s support for a health care mandate. So will he veto? Or will he try to just be symbolic?

How could Obama continue to push something that over 1/2 the country opposes? Because he knows better than the rest of us??

Townhall:  The House passed 245 to 189 a repeal of ObamaCare.

Compare these statistics between the U.S. and United Kingdom released by the United Nations International Health Organization.

  • Cancer survival (after dx) U.S. 65 percent, U.K. 46 percent
  • Dx/Diabetes treatment within 6 months: U.S. 93 percent, U.K. 15 percent
  • Senior Hip Replacement (within 6 months) : U.S. 90 percent, U.K. 15 percent
  • See Medical Specialist within 1 month: U.S. 77 percent, U.K. 40 percent.

In case you have been in the dark. In case you are a liberal who still is oblivious as to why ObamaCare would be a terrible mistake..

1,968 reasons to Repeal ObamaCare. … See also PDF Chart. here is a sample of what you will find..

  • The Secretary will now identify, as appropriate, categories and classes of drugs that the Secretary determines are of “clinical concern” (Section 3307);
  • The Secretary will decide how drugs are dispensed in long-term care facilities (Section 3310);
  • The Secretary will develop oral healthcare components, including “tooth-level surveillance,” a clinical examination of every dental surface in the mouth (Section 4102);
  • The Secretary may establish insurance premium ratings for states (Section 1201);
  • The Secretary may use comparative effectiveness research (Section 6301).

So what again was Obamacare offering? Fines for not buying govt approved insurance. Fewer jobs, due to less employers being able to afford govt health care demands and or fines. Long waits to see a doctor, waiting lists for surgery. Plus if you think the gov’t intrudes on your life, or you lack privacy.. imagine if the gov’t had control over your healthcare?

The ONLY issue Americans really had was about pre-existing conditions. So why did they have to create something so monsterous? Why did they include mandated insurance, and various controls on care, requirement of government health care (squeezing out competition), lowering what doctors can make… etc. Accepting all those restrictions & limitations.. does not make up for one request that Americans would like to see.


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