Obamas Prefer Non-American Hideous Fashions.

Posted: January 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am still confused. Who on earth thinks the Obama’s have style, especially the Klingon stand in playing Michelle (seriously she can not be human, right?)

Proving yet again they are far removed from supporting America, Americans, and prefer anything created outside of the US. Michelle wore some hideous creation to the State Dinner. Apparently part of the choice involved the color red for China (honoring our new landlords, perhaps?). But that is saying the USA can not make some red-hefty bag wanna be like this rag she was wearing? The description notes it is asymmetrical, but instead it looks like it was mis-fitted, and unintentionally falling off one shoulder. The seams do not look proper they just look sloppy and slapped together. The pattern is simply atrocious! I think you can find drapes like that from a cheap catalog, outlet, or maybe even Wal-Mart.

Now if we can step back and not look at that horrible attire.. take a look at the pro-reject (Barrack) Obama is wearing, well at least he has the correct button this time.

Look again at expressions.. what the heck is with Michelle’s face? Does she have to poo? Was she blowing bubbles? Then look at the body language, and how they are all posed.. was there a 6 inch space-required between each of them. I imagine the photographer explaining, “ok make sure you are not touching, pose like you are having your mug shot taken at the police station.. ok that will work”.

I decided to include this image, as the article from the DailyMail was adoring her “fashion” & “style”… seriously Britain you all have better taste than this, don’t you?

Seriously she looks frumpy, and what is sad when you think about the things she wears.. they are expensive outfits, that look like crap. The again look at who they are trying to make look good, she is a creepy looking alien.


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