Peeking Under the Veil

Posted: January 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

From the DailyMail A woman describes how she was sucked in by her extremist Muslim husband. She was in denial for a long time.

Over the course of their marriage she reveals observations, and when reality started really hitting her about her husband’s extremist activities.

Everything is symbolic, a bomb, flag burning, protest, or just words. Muslims take every victory with pride, even things the rest of us do not see as significant. Remember their outrage over the cartoon? They are irrational, and that is the scary part, understanding an erratic irrational mind is extremely difficult. The matter is compounded when it is a group of irrational minds! They feel justified, somehow, in what they think and what they do.

How on earth can any country that has been a Muslim target, ever embrace them? It does not make sense.

The woman in that article also noted her husband lost his job and collected benefits. She tried to point out to him how can he be against British government, how can he accept those benefits. He felt it was justified, since he needed to dedicate his time to the cause. Think about how many ways they intent to infest & destroy a country.. to sponge off of that country, then to try to destroy it. They are an infestation! They are nothing more than vermin. The only “productive” aspect of their life is destruction & death.

They view women as inferior, nothing more than cattle to create offspring, offspring to be used in their battle/cause.

I find their reactions to women fascinating as they are disgusted by “western” culture, the way we dress, the way we act, the lives we choose. They do not fear death, they embrace it. They just do not seem to fear much.. except women.

Another point, when this woman was young she attended some Muslim meetings, when she was basically tossed out for asking too many questions. If everything else does not explain what/who Muslims are, the issue of asking questions sure says a lot!


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