The Boob Conspiracy?

Posted: January 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Females are developing breasts at younger & younger ages, and breasts are becoming bigger & bigger.

From Britain (of course) Why ARE women’s breasts getting bigger? The answers may disturb you…

The article notes the early forms of the birth control pill as one possibility. On the same token women opting to have children later, or not at all, and breast-feeding less or not at all. That leads to more menstrual cycles which in turn is affecting women’s health.. and in turn breast size. Aw sorry guys, you probably thought this would be some titillating topic about boobs? Well read on anyhow..

Then we enter menopause, and we add more hormones.. HRT.

In 2002, research published by the Environment Agency showed that an ‘exquisitely potent’ form of oestrogen — which is believed to have entered the rivers through the urine of Pill and HRT-users — was responsible for changing the sex of half of all the male fish in British lowland rivers, and could be contaminating the water supply.

So is that why more British men seem effeminate? The article does note it likely is affecting human fertility (men’s sperm count for one).

Is there a point of return? Can we return to our original forms? Will men become men and women cease being weeble-wobbles? Looks like we are surrounded..

‘Pesticides, plastics and ­cosmetics are my main concerns,’ warns Dr Glenville

For instance, a xenoestrogen called Bisphenol A (or BPA) is widely used in the ­manufacture of tinned food, drinks cans, plastic bottles, glass jars, ­electronic equipment and till receipts — to name but a few items.

Cosmetics & Plastic.. wow sounds like celebrities are surely doomed! And there goes New Jersey!

Whatever you do, don’t mix milk & alcohol. Per the article they also mention the hormones from pregnant cow milk is another potential factor, add that drinking alcohol reduces the body’s ability to break down excess hormones.

All in all.. it sounds like the reality is, big-boobs are here to stay.

  1. Chad says:

    Let me just say… YEAH!

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