Planned Abortionhood: Sex, Lies, and Children.

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is simply appalling. I think this confirms you do need to have your soul removed before working for Planned Parenthood.

For those who defend abortions and/or Planned Parenthood, this should be an eye opener. If you are looking at things on the surface, and finding reasons why it makes sense or has some form of justification, this really should wake you up! Planned Parenthood is an illusion, full of trickery, and has very little to do with protecting or helping anyone.

This beast (office manager of Planned Parenthood) gives tips and tricks on how to side-step rules that are supposed to protect the patients. (Note: I do not approve of any aspect of Planned Parenthood, I still think they should be honest and change their name to Planned Abortions, better yet they should be closed up). The beast (which is how I will refer to this individual, I think it suits “it”)… explains they need to lie about the age, and lie about details. There is a part where the beast also seems to be welcoming money on the side to make special arrangements for the children, illegals, etc. The beast offers forms saying I never gave these to you, as well as child-rights information (adding how to work around those too). The beast offers advice on after abortion sex for these individuals too. Somehow the beast never bats an eye at the discussion being about 14 or 15-year-old, about being illegal, etc.. the beast states it is none of the parents’ business to know about the medical needs of their children. Again, really disturbing.. watch the video.

This should also hopefully explain further why government health care is a mistake. Planned Parenthood receives government money (ie money funneled from our pockets). Look at the deception and scams that are involved in Planned Parenthood, and realize there when it comes to government organizations of any kind, they are sleazy on a “good day”, they can make the mafia look innocent by comparison.

  1. Katie says:

    Three more videos from three different Planned “Parenthood” sites have been posted, today.

    Now, we know why PP called the FBI about “suspicious” people. They were trying to get the jump on these videos.

    Underage girls – no problem, this place does abortions. Parental notification? Why should your stinkin’ parents have the right to pry into your business? Have a slew of prostitutes that you want check for STD’s before you personally try out their services? No problem. Hey – we’re in the business enabling slimey pimps like you – your illegal, underaged sex slave can have abortions whenever you decide…. Why ruin the merchandise?

    It is amazing how far these killers go to protect a “woman’s right to choose”. Look at the Philly case of Gosnell. Look at your own state’s regulations. In DE, an abortion clinic has less oversite than a nail salon, hair dresser or restaurant. Yes, the nail salon is going to be more hygenic than a place that performs surgeries on young women. In a “logical” world, women’s rights advocates should be screaming about the lack of oversight of these facilities and the corresponding danger that women are subjected to – but no – they aren’t. Because that might slow the killiing of babies….

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