Perspective & Spreading the Disease.

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

For those who may not understand what the problem is with Unions.. here is a simple illustration. Remember everything has a cost, and someone has to pay!

Now Wisconsin seems to have started trend… somehow skipping over Illinois (guess they are so corrupt in Illinois such a story would not make the news, and go figure the Indiana democrats are hiding in Illinois). The priorities of the Indiana governor are respectable, he sees the value of …not diverting the police from their job to pursue democrats who are refusing to do their job.

IndyStar: Daniels: I won’t send state police to round-up Democrats Governor expects lawmakers to return to Statehouse when the (House Bill 1468) “right-to-work” bill is dead.

And, he added, “I’m not sending the state police after anybody. I’m not going to divert a single trooper from their job protecting the Indiana public. I trust that the people’s consciences will bring them back to work. I choose to believe that our friends in the minority, having made their point, will come back and do their duty, the jobs that they are paid to do.”

Like I mentioned this fiasco is skipping over Illinois (for now), heck Illinois has enough issues with a (Democrat) screwing them over with raising personal & business income tax (way to go, so how is that economy up there?)

Townhall: Vote Democrat in 2012:  “When the going gets tough, we’ll literally flee the jurisdiction!”

  1. Katie says:

    Providence, RI is planning to pink slip all of their teachers.

    Yeah, that’s RI – dead in the center of libland.

    The problem is – we’re broke. And, the unions have been lying to their members for years. Now the members are mad a the politicians, and they should be mad at their “leaders”. Meanwhile, the leaders are busy organizing the world…

    • gypsy says:

      It is interesting how people misdirect their anger.. unions are part of the problem & so are the inept teachers.

      Interesting how they are relating the mass firing to Pearl Harbor.

      The reality is, these teachers should have been canned long ago! And instead of maintaining things by weeding they have been limited by the unions, and now have to just demolition everything and start from stratch.

      Will people learn from this? Will we FINALLY be done with Unions? Or will they just “rinse & repeat”?

      I wonder if they will end up staffing with substitutes next school year? still should be a step up.

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