Celebrity Politics.

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

I came across a great article on Fox that really impressed me.. and it was by Pat Sajak, the game-show host. He talked about a recent question he was asked, asking why are so many celebrities so politically liberal.

We all can not even try to avoid hearing who is an outspoken, obama-butt-kissing, anti-American liberal. Yet a non-liberal tends to be nearly mute. The (non-liberal) silence is partly because of fear, partly because it is only liberals who feel they need to prove things to everyone else, and to demean others, and to feel some how “superior”.

I like how Mr. Sajak made this point:

But another factor is they’re far less comfortable lecturing their fellow citizens on how to live their lives. You’re much more likely to see a liberal singer interrupt his performance with a global warming diatribe than you are to see a conservative singer praising the free enterprise system between songs.

Remember the bulk of media is liberal, so people are brainwashed… and most people will either believe what they hear, or just regurgitate it (with out a second thought). It is always easier to swim with the current vs trying to swim against it.. so most people just go with the flow.

Mr. Sajak explains why so many in Hollywood end up as liberals… largely they are compensating for guilt, guilt over being successful…

So how should one speak from such a lofty perch? Well, many have concluded that the smartest way to handle it is to claim to be “one of the people.” So, no matter how rarified the air, liberalism is a smart career move. 

Is it hypocritical to ask people to drive electric cars while you’re flying in a Gulf stream? Or to tell them to conserve energy while the cumulative square-footage of your homes is measured in the tens of thousands of square feet? Or to ask them to pay more taxes while your high-priced accounting firms are protecting your money? Of course it is, but hypocrisy cannot penetrate the bubble. 

Some celebrities just play along with the liberal song & dance, it is expected, or boosts their career/popularity, not necessarily because they actually support the liberal-agenda.

I like his end statement:

Personally, I try not to mix my political side with my entertainment side. And, frankly, I would be appalled if anyone made an important political or lifestyle decision based on the advice of a TV game show host. Maybe that’s the best news about the bubble: it not only protects us, but it protects you from us.

Yet I must say, he may just be a “game show host” he is by far more intelligent than so many of the celebrities who are known more for the political talking-points vs acting, singing, etc. Heck he has it far more together than most politicians, but that is not a terrible stretch is it?

Pat Sajak is the host of “Wheel of Fortune.” He writes for ricochet.com. To read more of his posts for ricochet.com on additional topics, including his reaction to the movie “Mrs. Miniver,” click here.  


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