Poor exclusive to blacks??

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Thank you Katie for sharing this item.. from The Blaze, Per Sharpton, he finds that Wisconsin’s school voucher program takes better education options away from  inner-city kids, the poor..  and he finds this to be racist. So are the poor now a race? No we know what Sharpton is referring to, he thinks poor people are ONLY black.   

The other points are about American’s wanting “collective bargaining”/unions, apparently they are only surveying unions? Checked on Rasmussen for some poll information, people in Wisconsin, there is more support for the union vs the governor.. but, the rest of us…

Rasmussen Reports: Nationally, 47% of voters support the Governor and 42% support the unions.

 So what is the “logic”?

Democrats oppose Walker’s plan because, according to the New York Times, it would “weaken unions by limiting collective bargaining for state employees and many local employees, including teachers, to base wages, and would require workers to pay more for pensions and health care.”

“Pay more” for pensions & health care, that would mean they would pay the same as the rest of us already contribute to our benefits… oh the horrors. Again remember teachers are extremely overpaid as it is, so how are they suffering? Why do they need unions? And “weakening unions”.. that definitely would be a good thing!

Why do democrats worry about the unions? Think about things the democrats support/defend.. they also defend the “rights” of “illegal” immigrants. Why? because so many of them “employ” them, offering lower pay, poor conditions & a life of fear to illegals, vs having to offer higher pay to an American citizen. In other words.. power, control.. and votes to ensure their power & control.


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