Respect & Reality?

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

On a brief, but well stated article on Townhall, the cost to clean up after the (pro) Union protestors in Wisconsin might be $7.5million.

Think about that for a moment… the state is suffering financially (as most of the country is), the governor tries to strike middle ground to save jobs.. but the lemmings ruled by their unions believe they are untouchable. They don’t want to budge, and in turn end up sucking more blood from an extremely dry stone.

Like the writer on Townhall stated:

Imagine how many teacher positions, textbooks and new computers the state could buy with $7.5 million. I think it is fair to say these protesters have been completely counterproductive in their efforts by costing the state even more money in avoidable costs.

She also looks back at how Obama’s voters trashed DC, during his inauguration. Yet a Tea Party protest was spotless. Aren’t most liberals also eco-freaks? Don’t they attack conservatives on a regular basis from the air conservatives breathe to simply the mere existence of conservatives, yet conservatives are far more respectful of the environments we live in, visit, or pass by. Definitely does tell so much about the differecet between a liberal and conservative.


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