November 6, 2012: 611 days!

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2012 Presidential Contenders… I know it may be a little early to know for sure who will run in 2012, but I think it is time to start reviewing options, and watching them carefully!

 Politico highlights 3 Republican potentials for 2012.. Trump favored 26%, Romney favored 19% and Pawlenty 10%. (According to other information, I do not see these 3 as anything except potential candidates, not firm.. yet).

Back in January I posted about some potential 2012 candidates and I definitely like Pawlenty…

Tim Pawlenty (Governor Minnesota) born 11-27-60 Pro-Life. Health Care (Wants repeal of Obamacare, supports market driven programs & competition). Guns (pro-gun rights). Budget (supports federal spending freeze, wants to get spending under control, and homeowner education/assistance for to curb the foreclosure problem). Immigration (advocate for border control, and identifies the issue that being here illegally is an unlawful). Same-Sex (against same-sex marriage) Taxes (does not feel citizens should pay for gov’t overspending, supports tax cuts & reductions) Deficit (fed gov’t needs to cut spending & limit gov’t) Poverty (believes in education is the way out of poverty, teach vs give hand outs)

Romney should not even be considered a Republican candidate.

Mitt Romney (Former Governor Massachusetts) born 3-12-47 Pro-life. Health Care (supports Universal Health Care, but not gov’t program that would raise taxes, he implemented universal health are for Massachusetts). Guns (has flip-flopped on his stand on guns). Budget (appears to have economic plans that mimic Obamas). Immigration (extremely wishy-washy, supports tuition & scholarships, against amnesty, illegals should go home eventually, children born in the US by illegals are instant citizens) Same-Sex (strongly against same-sex marriages, civil unions, etc). Taxes (supports middle-class cuts). Poverty (believes the welfare system is part of the problem, creates a culture of poverty)

My second choice would be Trump, and actually think the combo of Pawlenty & Trump would be an interesting team. Trump has a good business mind, (and definitely would be far better than Obama on any level). Yet I see Trump lacking in politics. I think Pawlenty and Trump would be a great compliment to each other! What do you think?

I have been looking for sites that would give a hint at who might be up to bat.. and found wikipedia has some wonderful information…

Wikipedia  notes about  2010 census changed the Electoral College, Democrats lost 6 electoral (safe state) votes and Republicans gained 6 electoral (safe state) votes. Hopefully this means there is a better chance of not having an Obama-repeat?

  • Democrats lost 1 vote in: Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, and 2 votes in Pennsylvania. They gained 1 more vote in Washington. (These were strong Democrat wins in 2000, 2004 & 2008)
  • Republicans lost 1 vote in Louisiana & Missouri. They gained 1 more vote in Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina & Utah, and 4 more votes in Texas.

What happens next? Just a year and month from now.. the parties begin…

 Wikipedia also notes who has formally announced they are running, or have filed as a candidate (I have noted these announced/filed candidates in bold text).

I am also noting in italic, the potential candidates… plus I am noting with a strike-through candidates who said they won’t run (but we have seen in the past some that say that still end up running… so I am still including them).


  • Randall Terry (New York)activist pro-life, founder Operation Rescue. (note: previously ran as a republican)
  • Barack Obama (Chicago) current president.
  • Mike Gravel (Alaska) former senator
  • Alan Grayson (Florida) former representative
  • Alvin Greene (South Carolina) former US senate nominee
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton (NY) secretary of state.
  • Howard Dean (Vermont) former governor. (noted because he supports Obama)
  • Dennis Kucinich (Ohio) representative
  • Bernie Sanders (Vermont) senator


  • Herman Cain (Georgia) businessman/talk radio host (strong pro-life/gold standard/favors economic stimulus.. but not obama’s spend method)
  • Newt Gingrich (Georgia) former US Speaker of the House of Representatives (favors strong border policy & guest worker program/ flex-fuel mandate on US cars.. there are concerns about how he sways from left to right).  
  • Fred Karger (California) political consultant/gay activist. (I don’t see how he is a republican candidate, he is for immigration reform.. and the rest of his focus is strictly focused on gay rights ONLY, and has fought smoking-bans).
  • Jimmy McMillian (New York) martial arts instructor, PI, and former postal worker. (interesting political points: does not believe in Al Gore’s global-warming-hysteria, against gov’t bailouts, wants to see a Christian focus/family values, his major stand is about rent and property taxes he wants to see a uniform structure and feels this will basically end poverty and increase jobs).
  • Buddy Roemer (Louisiana) governor. (former democrat).
  • Michele Bachman (Minnesota) representative
  • Haley Barbour (Mississippi) governor
  • John R Bolton (MD) former US ambassador to the UN
  • Mitch Daniels (Indiana) governor
  • Rudy Giuliani (NY) former mayor
  • Judd Gregg (NH) former senator
  • Mike Huckabee (Arkansas) former governor
  • Jon Huntsman, Jr (Utah) US China ambassador & former Utah governor
  • Gary E Johnson (NM) former governor
  • Steve King (Iowa) representative
  • Sarah Palin (Alaska) former governor, 2008 vp candidate.
  • George Pataki (NY) former governor
  • Ron Paul (Texas) representative
  • Tim Pawlenty (Minnesota) former governor
  • Bob Riley (Alabama) former governor
  • Mitt Romney (Massachusetts) former governor
  • Rick Santorum (PA) former senator
  • Donald Trump (NY) businessman
  • Sharron Angle (Nevada) former senate nominee.
  • Scott Brown (Massachusetts) senator.
  • Jeb Bush (Florida) former governor
  • Chris Christie (NJ) governor
  • Bob Corker (Tennessee) senator
  • Jim DeMint (South Carolina)senator
  • Bobby Jindal (Louisiana) governor
  • Bob McDonnell (Virginia) governor
  • Carl Paladino (NY) businessman
  • Rand Paul (Kentucky) senator
  • Mike Pence (Indiana) representative
  • Rick Perry (Texas) governor
  • David Petraeus (NY) general
  • Marco Rubio (Florida) senator
  • Paul Ryan (Wisconsin) represenative
  • John Thune (South Dakota) senator
  • Allen West (Florida)  represenative

Green & Socialist Party

  • Stewart Alexander (California) 2008 socialist party/activist.


  • Jello Biafra (California) musician


  • R Lee Wrights (Texas) Libertarian National Committee Vice Chair, editor/co-founder Liberty for All magazine.
  • Wayne Allyn Root (Nevada) Entrepreneur & 08 Libertarian vp nominee


  • Robert “Naked Cowboy” Burck (New York) street performer
  • Joe Schriner (Ohio) journalist, author. Very strong pro-life (anti-abortion, anti-death penalty, etc). environmentalist & Global Warming follower.
  • Ralph Nader (Connecticut) attorney, consumer advocate
  • Jessee Ventura (Minnesota) former governor
  • Michael Bloomberg (NY) mayor.
  1. Chad says:

    I hope Trump is all for flat tax still.

  2. […] A couple of days ago I highlighted the candidates, potentials, etc.. see more on: March 6, 2011. […]

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