Do you feel safe & secure?

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

I don’t even know where to begin, and odds are I will fail to express properly what my brains wishes to convey. The topic.. Muslims & Terrorism. Seriously set any form or political correction crap you have been brainwashed with, take a moment to sit down with some logic and really think about terrorists.

Yes a terrorist can be any race, any religion. But the idea of ignoring the vast majority of terrorists is the same as those who think “profiling is wrong”.. because I bet those who promote that policy, if they were robbed or attacked surely would be able to determine the race, sex, height, weight, hair color.. etc of their attacker. They would not say “it was a person,… if that does not offend or alienate persons”. Human differences are our strength and weakness. They are how we identify Mary from Jim. It is also how we can tell the police who they need to find and question.

Muslims have not be secretive about their hate for America, Americans and everything we stand for. Their religion states non-believers MUST die. Is that peaceful? Is that something we should embrace? Is this something we should overlook? If we do, it is to our own end. If someone threatens you, what is your reaction? If someone wants you dead, will you ignore it and think they really did not mean it, or will you try to defend yourself and protect yourself? If they come to your door will you let them in?

There are people who try to play up that not all Muslims are violent.. ah-ha, that statement shows they do realize that there are Muslims that are violent. They say we should not make the peaceful Muslims feel uncomfortable else we could make  them react against us.. hum, so again they are a threat, they can become violent. The odds of Muslims rationally trying to discuss this is far less likely. Why on earth did we permit them to live here in the first place, why did they choose to live in a country that is against every fiber of their religious beliefs?

Anytime we need a reality check, all we have to is look over seas at other countries that allowed Muslims to come into their country, take over, and manipulate their laws and lives (visit Townhall to see an cry for sanity from British Prime Minister David Cameron). Plus read further on Townhall.. here is a little clip:

President Obama’s deputy national security adviser says he’s concerned that by investigating homegrown radicalized Muslims, King’s hearings may…radicalize Muslims:

“We have a choice,” Mr. McDonough said. “We can choose to send a message to certain Americans that they are somehow ‘less American’ because of their faith or how they look…If we make that choice,” he added, “we risk feeding the very feelings of disenchantment that may push some members of that community to violent extremism.


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