What debt?

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Did anyone miss Michael Moore? I had wondered where he vanished to, but was not going to ask and risk bringing him back into our sight. Sadly mentioned or not he sees a socialist moment he jumps in… with the union garbage in Wisconsin he just had to step up to the podium to attack Governor Scott Walker.

Summary Moore is playing the sky is purple grass is red, whatever reality is showing he will come up with a new “vision”, whatever is going on he will step up for liberals to fight against conservatives.

So the latest.. Moore denies the financial situation in America and specifically Wisconsin.

The perspective (with Moore) is apparently as long as they can still raise taxes, fees, and suck more money from taxpayers, they have an unlimited ceiling to what debt can be created, therefore there is no financial crisis. (sigh)

See more on Townhall.

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