Aren’t Unions supposed to be against child-labor?

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Check this out.. from Townhall.

Ok the kids are being forced to chant an anti-Scott Walker protest. The words I can make out “children united”… “save our schools”. Now, shouldn’t they be targeting the teachers and not Scott Walker, if they want to “save their schools”? . They change it up with other tunes, but so much of the chanting could easily be confused with German Nazi chants.

Could this be considered child-labor? Were they forced into the union? Is the union ensuring their fair pay? (Snicker).

Other thoughts.. either the union members are so desperate they had to recruit kids, or are they too lazy to fight their own battles? Maybe the unions are fearing they will end up fading in the future and are focused on brainwashing new members at a younger age?


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