Obama: Tantrum in Chief

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Have you wondered why Obama loves Unions so much? Apparently he is acting like he is a member of one. Basically Unions are nothing more than organized tantrums. Everytime the Union does not get its way, it holds a tantrum… err strike. So what has Obama been doing for 2 +years now? He has been exercising his tantrum power (I just never realized this was a power our president had). When he wanted to push through Obama care he refused to listen to anyone with a differing view (basically plugging his ears and yelling “nah, nah, I can’t hear you”). When issues occur over seas, he reacts by hiding under his bed, err desk. When it comes to finances he blows money on bubble-gum machines (or the grander equivalent). Naturally his response to energy issues does not differ… John Ransom has a great article on Obama’s job performance, here are some highlights..

John Ransom: Like so much regarding the class of people wielding executive power in this country, Obama’s policy comes down to this: “If you force me to do my job, I’m going on strike.”
From abandoning the Defense of Marriage Act, to abandoning the states on border security, to terror non-enforcement, to thumbing his nose to the courts on oil drilling, it’s hard to find someone in America less willing to do his job than Obama has been.

After all, even Milwaukee public school teachers eventually went back to work. Obama on the other hand is still on strike.
“Mr. President,” challenges Landry, “how is it responsible for us to call on other nations to increase their oil production and capacity, when you are unwilling to simply issue 32 permits for drilling operations that were running last year and suspended by you?”

Landry makes sense. The permits in question would not just increase our oil supply but it would also put Americans back to work
And that leads to a last question: If the president isn’t going to do his job, could he at least let the rest of us do ours?

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