Protestors offer No Apologies

Posted: March 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Michelle Malkin offers a great comparison of the anti-war protestors, like (Democrat) Rep Lynn Woolsey, to the likes of Lindsay Lohan, while Woolsey repeated Michael Hastings (liberal writer for Rolling Stones) who compared Patraeus to Sheen.

That’s because being a Code Pink liberal — like being a Hollywood brat — means never having to apologize for your reckless words and deeds.

Now really.. Sheen & Patraeus? They are desperate, and just ran out of stones to throw. They don’t have Bush to push around, and they don’t want to offend Obama… soooo who is next? And what can we call them? That is really how it appears to me.

Do people like Woolsey know what they are doing? No. And if they do they should be locked up, for their own protection as well as our protection. Woolsey and any other “peace” protestors often are the type of wrapped-up & protected individual who does not realize the benefits they receive by having a military protecting their delicate little bottoms. They do not realize what is happening in the battlefields. They are oblivious to the pain, sacrifice & risk that our soldiers take every day, to protect their right to belly ache and whine.

IF.. Woolsey and her breed realized what they did/doing, if they stopped for a moment to think, then she (and the rest of them) would be apologizing deeply for her/their misguided & ill-thought-out comments, and her/their obnoxious pretentious protests. (From Michelle Malkin: )

In January, the far-left exhibitionist congresswoman blasted the counter-terror efforts in Afghanistan as “an epic failure, a national embarrassment and a moral blight.” Does she know our troops, their families and our enemies are listening?

Nancy Morgan, relative of a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan, spoke for many when she wrote an open rejoinder to Woolsey: “Spitting on the graves of those who have died in their nation’s service is just one of the rights secured to Ms. Woolsey by the blood and sweat of others,” Morgan noted. “A free press is another right. This would be the same press that has maintained a deafening silence about this war ever since it became Obama’s war — the same press that reports Ms. Woolsey’s inane pronouncements without offering vital context.”

“Though Ms. Woolsey makes ten times the money my nephew does, he is the one who does the heavy lifting. He is the one on the front line, braving Taliban bullets and following orders. Ms. Woolsey, on the other hand, spends her time, along with fellow Democrats, improvising insane rules of engagement which make my nephew’s job much more dangerous. She is also busy ensuring that terrorists are given the same rights as the Americans they are so intent on killing.”

Flashback to Obama’s campaign: Recall why many followed him? Why many voted for him? 1st … He attacked Bush. Obama promised he would end the war, he promised to close Gitmo..then he stepped into the White-House and realized he was wrong. Of course will he admit Bush was right? Will he stop trashing Bush? Obama has spent the first two years blaming Bush for everything, and doing everything against what the American people  want. Add that he flipped on what he promised to those who voted for him, yet they still support & defend him. For me that confirms how blind & oblivious the supporters of Obama truly are.

The Code Pink/Move On Democrats’ strategy of smearing Gen. Petraeus (“General Betray-US”) backfired miserably in 2007 — so much so that surge opponent Barack Obama rode to electoral victory after flip-flopping on the issue on the campaign trail, picked a Democratic vice presidential running mate who claimed credit for the surge after proclaiming its failure, and then finally adopted the very winning surge tactics he once attacked as fatally doomed.

Side note: I know liberals, my brother STILL can not start or end a sentence with out Bush-bashing.. STILL!


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