Who is President?

Posted: March 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was thinking about the comparison… when a child is too quiet, you know they are up to something.. when we do not hear anything about Biden, I wonder what he is up to.

OR.. is the situation, Biden really the acting-president, and Obama is just the photo-op president?

How do you like this picture, Biden just looks.. mad, mad, mad.. freaking insane!

So what news has Biden been in? Seems he definitely does not make major headlines..

Biden loses out on name for a DE Elementary School (Delawareonline). As one person stated, why name a public school after someone who preferred to send his children to a private school.

But, since he rode a train in Delaware, they are giving him that honor. (Delawareonline). Well also he also pushed money their way too…

The Wilmington Station, which is Amtrak’s 12th busiest, just completed $37.7 million in renovations, $20 million of which came from the economic stimulus program Biden has been charged with overseeing.

LaTimes: sees more of the presidential burden is on Biden’s shoulders. Budget talks, foreign relations, fundraisers, recovery, union issues,… while the headlines favor Obama, what is Obama actually doing?

Even Ruth Marcus is writing about “Obama’s ‘Where’s Waldo?’ presidency.”

LaTimes: talks about Bidens gaffes with Russia, 1st being late, making a phone call to DC from Russia (on the budget talks), then he starts off with the Bush-Bashing-Blame-Game….

 The vice president first apologized for being late again (he kept the Finnish president waiting too, the other day). Biden said he didn’t need to tell anyone there but he did anyway that when he and Barack took over 780 days ago U.S.-Russia relations were at “a fairly low point that had accumulated over the previous eight years.” And we all know what that means even without the B word.

 On the budget talks, there is a childish version of tug-of-war. Obama seems ONLY willing to talk to Democrats, not both sides to work things out (Obama, way to go on that bipartisan thing you were chanting). The Republicans are standing firm on a minimum budget cut. The Democrats fight back refusing to give an inch, yet attack further by saying the little cuts the Republicans are asking for are not worth it.. then why are they fighting about it? Every dime counts, and in government money every dime equals a million or trillion dollars. Yet the Democrats are having a tantrum. It is hard to really tell if the Democrats are having a hissy because it is not THEIR plan, or because they really want to cling to their ridiculous spending choices?

Another topic that Biden has been handed the ball on is on gun-control. Remember we don’t just have an anti-gun president, we have a two-fer with an anti-gun vp!

On HuffingtonPost they discuss Biden & the gun control committee. The fight which has re-emerged due to the Tucson shootings, they anti-gun advocates are highlighting the rise in high-profile or mass-shootings (like Virginia Tech) . Note: Virginia Tech was a “gun-free-zone” (which only keeps people who follow rules/laws from bringing a gun into that area)…. and that in Tuscon the killer should have been locked up long before the shooting happened, and due to inept police he was given a free pass. So how does more limits on law-abiding citizen prevent these cases? This is the short-sighted issues that liberals suffer from.

One of the issues is about the mentally ill, ok fine, but a person can be found mentally ill only if they pursue the help or are forced by law or family. So otherwise you are relying on known information. Someone who “seems” perfectly sane one day can also be nuts the next. Someone can “hide” their issues, not report them, not seek help. So just like a criminal is not known until they are caught, a mentally ill person is not known until they are “caught”.

(Refer back to Biden’s picture, perhaps he was found insane, and since been denied a gun.. so he is just bummed and now does not want anyone else to have one?)

Other tidbits, from TheWeeklyStandard, talking about a Washington Post reporter who will become Biden’s communications director. That person replaces the Time magazine’s DC bureau chief, who will become the White House Press Secretary. And they count 9 people from the mainstream media who have gone to work for Obama and gang in one way or another. Here are some highlights from ABC News:

    • Chicago Tribune correspondent Jill Zuckman became assistant to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and director of public affairs
    • Former Los Angeles Times reporter Peter Gosselin who is now a speechwriter for Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner
    • Former Washington Post deputy editor Warren Bass who is an adviser to United Nations Ambassador Dr. Susan Rice.
    • Former ABC News congressional correspondent Linda Douglass became a senior strategist for the Obama campaign
    • Other campaign officials included former CNN producer Kate Albright-Hanna and former CNN correspondent Aneesh Raman.

Talking about keeping a close-knit crowd. I wonder if that is why so much of the media is so adoring of Obama, they are just looking for a government job?

  1. Katie says:

    Biden Train Station – never have I been so tempted to take up “spray paint art”. And, “surprisingly”, the station is millions over budget.

    Biden has been busy kissing up to the “people that brung his there”….

    “Biden’s comments underscored the importance of labor not only in terms of workers’ rights but also politically. He acknowledged the role that unions played in helping launch his political career, and he noted his personal identification with the activists as someone who grew up in the Rust Belt in Scranton, Penn.

    “I’ve got to state the obvious,” he said. “There’s an old expression: ‘You go home with them that brung you to the dance.’ You guys all brought me to the dance 36 years ago in Delaware as a United States senator. You’ve been with me, and I’ve stayed with you.”

    Not that the above should be surprising, but maybe the Delawareans should realize that Biden never considered the voters but only the stupid unions.

    • gypsy says:

      Great Link Katie, I had to highlight some points(from your link Katie)
      “hosted by the AFL-CIO.”
      Ge go figure, and guess who actually PAID for those gatherings.. the union workers, whether they want to or not.

      “where listeners were also allowed to ask questions (although Biden had to leave before that portion)”
      And of course before you can ask a question… poof gone.

      “Biden’s comments underscored the importance of labor not only in terms of workers’ rights but also politically”
      And like you cited, it was Political, it is all Political.. he may as well said Thank you pawns for playing my game. You have no other worth really besides being political pawns.


      And of course the money soaked train station.. I am sure the Biden sign is what cost the most, eh? gag, ack

      • gypsy says:

        Katie.. adding this link, that you juse shared because it is priceless!
        Michelle Malkin: http://michellemalkin.com/2011/03/19/joe-biden-train-station/

        Amtrak CEO Forced to Take Car to Biden Station Ribbon Cutting Because His Train Broke Down

        Adding to the shoddy results of this current inept government.. I heard one of the schools that named itself after Obama, had to close. Out in New Jersey, I will have to see if I can find that. But how priceless.. attach the name Biden or Obama and you are doomed to fail.. ok we can say a very sarcastic “thankyou” to the lemmings who chose this “dynamic” duo!

  2. Katie says:

    Obama school had to close due to declining enrollment and financial mismanagement….

    oh the irony…

    Train station is sooooo ugly. Lovely old brick building on the outside. Lovely old tiles in the entry. Beautiful old stairs up to the platforms… No “up” escalator to the tracks. Hideous white modern inside. Everything is painted an off white (brinks, exposed pipes) – think all of the “cool elements” of a industrial flat, but painted the same white color. Shiny silver seats. The inside could be from anywhere, anytime usa. Almost like a waiting room in heaven, with George Burns playing God….

    • gypsy says:

      So it has become Biden’s train to hell? just disguised as “Heaven’s waiting room”? sounds about right.

      That does sound obnoxious tacky.. and surely the perfect canvas for graffiti.

      Ok and on my (not fond of delaware in the 1st place) view.. maybe he was trying to offer a glimpse of delaware… bland, basic, and nothing to see here type thing? (ok you know I had to do that, grin.. remember the white-world development I lived in where houses were shades of white).

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