Desperate Acts of Union Thugs

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

How low can they go? They have extended death threats and so much more.. but when they ran out of attacks, they are now trying to attack Walker by saying he wants to kill puppies??

American Thinker: Shockingly, the absurdity doesn’t end there.  The Wisconsin Dog Rescue is joining others in vilifying Walker as a dog-hater, and liberal blogs steadfastly avow that “Governor Scott Walker wants to kill puppies.”
  1. Katie says:

    As a mom, I thought that the comment that the teacher made was even scarier. The fact that they want to ask your children questions, to identify them as “little tea b***s” was intimidating. They take your children from you for half the day, and have little supervision about what happens in class.

    Do they want to identify the kids, in order to harrass them, intimidate them, ridicule them, “bully them”? Do they want to identify those that need to be indoctrinated? Do they want to teach the kids how evil their parents are???

    • gypsy says:

      The “teacher comment” it is not a confirmed comment by a teacher, but yes I did notice that I was going to call out on that one too.. but since there was an ounce of uncertainty if it was a hoax or real, I decided to let it be.

      But if it was a teacher.. that is HORRIFYING! And the idea that anyone like that could be teaching children.. they are the reason we should bring back stocks!

      Your point about Bullying, of course it would surely not be called on unless the victim is a protected class eh?

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