1 Year Later: Obamacare

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Reflecting on one year after Obamacare was shoved under a closed door. Kevin Glass on Townhall… remember the dim wits who were in charge of this fiasco:

 Nancy Pelosi said that Congress had to pass the law to find out what was in it.

Since those who signed it, refused to read it.. gradually the reality is surfacing (like a growing mold).

Kevin Glass talks with Grace-Marie Turner, James Capretta, Thomas Miller and Robert Moffitt are co-authors of the new book Why Obamacare is Wrong For America. The book reviews the impact on the public (young, old and in between), doctors, employers, employees, taxpayers…

They address that there is so much more (dangers) involved.. .

(Turner) I think the real risk is that people think that too many people are told that the law really is about some of the early provisions:

  • keeping 26-year-olds on their parents’ policies
  •  “free” preventive care (we know there’s no such thing as free preventive care)
  •  the high-risk pools for the uninsured

 One of the big problems with Obamacare is that it is generalized and centralized. The sound “centralized” sounds good right? There is a difference between communication from physician to physician, and the government handling the information and coordinating care.  If medicine was one size fits all, then we could all just line up for vaccines to prevent problems. The reality is every issue is individual, unique for that person, so in turn the care needs to be unique.

Look at the idea of the government running health care. What is wrong with that? Think about all the failures that the government already controls. Think about the demise of the post office, think about the decay of the education system, think about the control they slapped on the housing industry that resulted in the market crash and massive foreclosures. Do you want the government to control, rather destroy, health care too?

Doctors are fleeing their practices. Doctors are retiring early. This is happening ALREADY! So what will happen when Obamacare is in full swing? Why are they (doctors) doing this (fleeing)? Because they do not want the care of their patients as well as how their practice is run to be dictated by the government.

Here is a great example, the Medicare situation…

Medicare will be paying less than Medicaid. And we already know that patients on Medicaid have a very difficult time finding a private physician to see them because Medicaid payment rates are so low. And so they wind up having to spend most of their time, if they want to see a physician, waiting for hours in a hospital emergency room, where they’re required to be seen. It’s just unacceptable that they’ll do this to the Medicare program when there are other solutions out there.

Point to realize.. NOTHING is free. Everything has a price. Changing hands, does not make something change. Health care being handed over to the government, does not mean the expense will vanish. In fact with government handling it will only make the expense greater. And guess who foots the bill?

 But it has to be done in a market-based, competitive approach, rather than the centralized, top-down approach of Obamacare.

Remember the war (against Obamacare) is not over…

 Pat Caddell has said, “this is not over.” I think the American people’s voices will be heard eventually. I don’t know how it’s going to happen, but I think that they will make sure that this legislation is delayed, postponed and hopefully repealed. But it’s going to take a new President to repeal it. That’s why the 2012 elections are so consequential.

Politicians need to realize that American do not want this, and any politician who refuses to listen will be out of a job! Keep on your congressmen, keep an eye on all the politicians, all levels.. and keep an eye on 2012!

Rasmussen Reports: It’s been a year since Congress passed President Obama’s health care plan and 53% of voters continue to favor its repeal. Fifty percent (50%) believe it is at least somewhat likely to be repealed.

…the number of voters who favor repeal of the law has ranged from a low of 50% to a high of 63% since last March

The other important thing to remember, we can also look to other countries for lessons (that should be learned)… Is this a glimpse of what is to happen in the US (if we do not stop Obamacare)?

DailyMailUK: Cancer operations are denied to thousands of elderly patients ‘because of ageism’

‘There are places where the teams are just looking at the patients and saying “no”,’ he said. ‘They sit there like in the arena in the Colosseum and it’s thumbs up or thumbs down.’  There are places ‘where I wouldn’t send my cat’ because they do not offer the same level of surgical skills, he added.

Another item from DailyMailUK, and favoring criminals over hospital patients:

Patients in NHS hospitals are being fed cheaper food than prison inmates

  • Cases of malnourished patients have doubled
  • Patient Concern warns over health budget cuts

The numbers of hospital patients becoming malnourished have doubled in three years to a record 13,500.

How disturbing, to become malnourished in a hospital? Criminals having higher priority vs patients?

Now how about combing the problems we have in the US .. illegal immigration, lowered education standards, and Obama care converting care from physicians to nurses..

DailyMailUK: But it is now far easier for a nurse from the EU to work in an NHS hospital or care home than a British-trained one who may have stopped working for a few years to have children.

They have lowered their standards, “scrapping strict checks”, and hey don’t need to speak English. Wow.

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