Are You Embarassed Yet?

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

aka.. Obama PASSES the Buck, yet again… or maybe with the nuclear concerns in Japan, he is recalling “duck & cover” drills.

Obama says will transfer Libya power to allies in days

 Talking out of both sides of his mouth, Obama says the focus is to protect civilians, not to remove Gaddafi from power. BUT.. Gaddafi “needs to go”.

So is Obama playing duck & cover to avoid offending (enemies)? Or to defend some anti-war, anti-military appearance?

The new liberal policy has been framed in an anti-American, weak-America.  Is this due to a socialist “idealist” concept? Which results in bigger government and weaker citizens? This used to be  strong country…

Liberals Giving up on Exceptionalism. (and do note, Liberals are not alone in this, they do have some Republican back up in this defeatist behavior).

When confronted with challenges, danger, or catastrophe, their common response is to shirk. These defeatists seem to think that Americans lack the grit, ingenuity, and raw courage to tackle complicated problems.

Lurita Doan also points out Democrat responses in recent issues:

  •  When there was an oil spill in the Gulf—Democrat leaders recommended that all off-shore drilling be abandoned.
  • When there was an accident in a West Virginia coal mine, they urged Americans to adopt a strategy to move away from coal-fueled energy.
  • When there was an accident at a nuclear power plant six thousand miles away, Democrat leaders championed avoidance, suggesting that no new permits should be issued and building and operation of nuclear plants in America should be discouraged.

Apparently the old saying “What does not kill us will make us stronger” has been lost, and replaced by back off, throw in the towel, give up, surrender?

In the past, obstacles, even failures, have been viewed by Americans as an opportunity to excel, as a chance to overcome and to gain the advantage by learning from mistakes and making a better product or service.

Have we reached the tip of the technology mountain? What happened to the “sky’s the limit”? Once upon a time flight was something never even imagined, traveling by train was unheard of, reaching the moon was a dream… how about the phone, recorded sound, radio.. oh heck using fire. Each time period had achieve new highs, and lows.. does reaching a high mean nothing more can be obtained, does hitting a low mean giving up? Does failure once mean you should never try again? If that were a case we would never get past crawling, fearing falling when we attempted to walk.

Do we have issues in this country? Yes, absolutely. But that should be viewed as something to be overcome, not to crawl under a rock and die. It was interesting seeing this article, since I just chatted with my brother (hard-core liberal) who is also singing the world has ended tune.

I see flaws, but I also see things that can be fixed. I remember training a neat guy, who worried about making mistakes, he would call me in a panic, I would ask him “how many bodies are there?”. My view was about the only thing that can not be fixed is the dead. Does this mean fixes are easy? No. But does that mean we should just give up? No!

Reading Lurita Doan’s article, I love her spirit!

We have the talent. What the nation lacks is a leader capable of summoning the nation’s abilities. So far, all we seem to be getting is the thin gruel of defeatism that urges us to abandon hope, because the problems are just too hard. I, for one, am sick of it. We are a great people, capable of great sacrifices and great accomplishments. If only President Obama would believe it too.

Didn’t part of Obama’s campaign include some “Yes, we can” type thing? Yeah, right eh?

I have been saying since his pre-white house campaign, that we need someone who can lead, somehow who has respect and confidence in this country. Obama was the wrong man! The “hope” he is offering is “hopelessness” the “change” is damaging to everything this country was built on.


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