Obama’s Actions: More Campaign Mode.

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Mona Charen offers an article titled “From Iraq to Libya, Obama Becomes a Hypocrite”.. yet hasn’t been a proven hypocrite well before the Libya situation? Alas she makes noteworthy statements..

She reflects on Obama’s pre-white house campaign, where he offered anti-war speeches. Comparing then and now, a war that was not his idea is a “dumb” war.. so surely what he is doing was well thought out on an intellectual level?

Obama has the audacity to say others are “armchair weekend warriors”, that they shove “their own ideological agendas down our throats, irrespective of the costs in lives lost and in hardships born”. Really? Someone play these statements back to him! How is he not aware of his hypocrisy? With every word, with every action. Not even with military actions, but when he shoved obamacare at us!

Like most cowards do, Obama preferred to hide & it will go away approach. He looked at Saddam as not our problem. Yet now Libya is our problem? I personally thing both need to go, and Gadhafi needed to go decades ago. But does he admit that you can not just pretend everything is fine, and the problem will go away? Or does he think he is so just, right, and intelligent? I don’t think he even needs to fully come to terms with Saddam being a bigger threat vs Gadhafi, but he should come to terms with being aware of what he said and his actions.

OR.. is this another political ploy? I am betting that is more the case than him trying to make a good decision, but he is trying to play the entire field hoping to win votes for 2012.

Mona Charen asks questions: 

How are Obama’s motives regarding military action against Moammar Gadhafi less “cynical” than those he was so contemptuous of in Wolfowitz and Perle? What “ideological agenda” was the Bush administration “shoving down our throats” that Obama is not himself duplicating? Is he opposed to the freedom agenda? What, exactly, was so obnoxious about the Bush program?

How has Obama concluded that a war against another Middle East villain is now justified and not “dumb” or “rash”? And on what principle can President Obama now decline to intervene on behalf of other freedom fighters around the globe?

Obama seems to think he knows more than any one else. He does not care about the wishes or will of the people (of the US). Yet he still blames Bush, his lacky Biden still blames Bush. Even when they follow the same actions they condemned Bush for, they still condemn Bush?? Are you confused yet?

We don’t know, because unlike George Bush, who took his case for war to the American people through a vote in the United States Congress (with 110 Democrats voting in favor), President Obama has acted unilaterally — putting our forces into harm’s way based solely on his power as commander-in-chief. (Code Pink — call your office!) If he is relying upon the vote in the United Nations as his mandate for military action, he is establishing a new principle of diminished U.S. sovereignty. American forces can now be ordered into action by the president and the U.N. but without the U.S. Congress?

Again Obama knows ALL. We know nothing. He does not even need to get an ok from the white-house to do what he KNOWS is right. Who is shoving what down our throats?

On most of the foreign and security policy issues he preened himself about — the folly of deposing despots, closing the prison at Guantanamo, using military tribunals to try terrorists, and withdrawing from Iraq, President Obama has reversed himself.

He has performed these reversals without explanation and without apology for his shrill condemnation of his predecessor. He condemned Bush’s “ideology,” but his own foreign policy seems to have amounted to marketing the image of himself as the first African-American president and the first Muslim-sympathetic president. Image-making is easier than policymaking — and when it came time for decisions, President Obama dissolved into incoherence.

I think that confirms my theory.. Obama is ONLY doing these things to prep for the next election. It is not for the good of anyone in this country, just for his own personal plan.. the US be damned, in Obama’s eyes.

Though I am curious.. why would he want another 4 years, he can not lead, he does not want to lead. So why would he want 4 more years?

Another article from Bill Murchison sheds interesting views on Obama & Libya situation.

It sounds very much like a plan to come up with a plan

That about sums it up right? Here is more from Mr Murchison..

Obama, winner of the Nobel Prize for Whatever — Peace, supposedly, but now we see where that got the world — has had a rude introduction to the ways of nations. You don’t “reset” human relations by pushing by a button; least of all, by giving a speech. Thanks to the general nuttiness of the human race, a president has to take what precautions he can against the malignancy of those who like neither Americans nor American ideals. The president keeps the armed forces armed and forceful and tries to remember that an enemy isn’t just someone you have failed to charm; he is apt to be someone hoping you go out of business. Permanently.

Here is something else from John Ransom, 1st I love the humor of his article title “B.O. Fails Smell Test”

 We recapped the 2008 election cycle, both agreeing that something has to be done about Colorado- but that’s for another column and another day.

I just love this guy’s humor! Yup in Colorado we are just out of control out here!

Obama is seeing descension among his (former) supporters:

Dennis Kucinich, the Ohio Democrat, has even suggested that Obama be impeached, saying that Obama isn’t a “king” but a president who needs to consult Congress before declaring another Overseas Contingency Operation in Libya

Mr Ransom talks about Obama’s redefining words. I reflect on Obama’s pre-white house campaign, people admiring him for being a great orator, then people started noticing his groupies were teleprompters. Obama can not offer anything that is not pre-written for him, he has proven that  when he is caught off-guard, and offers up a string of “um, uh” before he can stagger onto some form of non-sense babble. Think about how some people drone on, and you just disconnect from the conversation.. Obama works the same way. He hopes, perhaps, that people are no longer listening when his lies start being the only words has left to offer.  Mr Ransom, points out.. “words matter”…

Look, words that we use or misuse matter. They say a lot about us as a civilization and as citizens. Once you start redefining the word “is,” it’s a short step to claim credit for “jobs saved and created” by shoving a trillion or two into our economy, despite data that says otherwise.

No man, not even an automaton like Obama, can so contort words again and again, without revealing something about himself to the rest of us, if only, accidentally.

That is so true. Words do matter, actions and words both are what prove our intentions. I think by now the intentions of Obama are becoming more and more clear.

Mr Ransom mentions the questions about Obama’s sincerity, honesty, integrity.. and the question of Obama’s birth. Yes that question still lingers. At this point, I hope it will be confirmed he was naturally born in the US, because if it is proven otherwise what is to become of this country? We will prove to be weak and defeated. We will have had an imposter who slithered his way into the white-house, posing as our president. How can we save face from such deception? Such proof would be America’s tsunami, it will affect us longer and deeper than the wave that has leveled Japan. Japan will yet again prove their strength, and power.. what will become of us?

  1. The Destructionist says:

    This is not a left/right Democrat/Republican issue. This is a divide and conquer We The People issue. Those in power want us divided into separate and distinctive camps because it is so much easier for them to control us and to implement their strategies of a one world government.

    Bush and Obama, Republicans and Democrats…it’s all a plan to destroy our unity as Americans and to usurp our nation’s sovereignty. all in an effort to replace them with that of the new world order.

    It’s time for all Americans to wake up to what is truly going on. It’s time for Americans to prepare…


    • gypsy says:

      The topic I have here is an Obama issue, it is about how he is proving over and over that he is a hypocrit.

      He attacked Bush for Iraq, yet he is repeating the same thing, on a smaller target.

      It is a political agenda for Obama, he is trying to gain brownie points for the next election.

      So more than left/right, democrat/republican.. this is Obama, and his hypocrisy.

      This is not saying politicians are not part of the problem.. politics is always a mess, full of deception. that is a given.. it is a matter of degree. And right now the degree of deception by Obama is extreme.

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