Facebook & Religion

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

A friend of mine posted this one facebook:

I believe in Jesus Christ and have accepted Him as my personal Savior. One facebooker has challenged all believers to put this on their wall. In the Bible it says, if you deny me in front of your peers, I will deny you in front of my Father at the gates of Heaven. This is simple…If you love God and you are not afraid to show it, repost this! Just copy and paste…No shame here

What makes me nuts about this thought process, (and this is typical among many religious people I know), the statement of “personal savior” (what a busy guy to be so many people’s “personal savior“) and the thought that if you “deny him” in front of your friends, he will deny you at heaven’s gates. Wow what a petty savior.

According to many religious people I know, Jesus is supposed to be forgiving, loving, etc. But if he is so petty as to deny someone, regardless of how they worshipped him on earth, that is a petty savior.

Feel free to share perspectives here, I am intrigued by this, and the mixed statements about Jesus seem to be conflicting and or self-serving.

  1. bob says:

    Not reposting something like that is not a denial of the Lord. Therefore the Bible reference is not pertinent. As long as you accept the Lord in your heart, you will be accepted in Heaven. If you don’t, you probably don’t care a speck that you will be denied at the gates of Heaven, because you probably don’t believe in that either.

    What I don’t like about these posts is that line “If you love God and you are not afraid to show it, repost this! Just copy and paste…No shame here.” Of course there is no shame, nor is there shame if you don’t post it. I find this a sort of bullying. Like saying do it or you don’t love God enough. I love God and I don’t feel the need to publicly demonstrate that to others. That is between Him and me.

    • gypsy says:

      Bob, extremely well said.

      It is not much different from people who plaster their vehicles with religious bumper stickers, professing their faith..

      Though at least they are not necessarily saying others NEED to do the same, in order to prove their own faith.

      But yes a person does not need to prove their religion to others, via facebook, other social sites, their car.. etc.. unless they feel they NEED to “prove” something. And those are typically the hypocrits, they are compensating, they are trying to prove to themselves, or something along that line. it is rarely someone who actually had their life in order.

      Bob, again great comment, thank you!

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