Mandated Purchase of MORE Government Control

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

What’s wrong with Obamacare? Besides from the mandate, the government control of our lives and health. The reduction in care, due to fleeing physicians. The invasion of privacy, and decisions about your care made by the US government?

How about the snow-ball effect? This is what those of us who have been opposed to Obamacare have been chanting for well over a year. Obamacare is a control & power grab. Do you think they are done yet? Nope, don’t count on it,.. and to confirm that.. they are planning to hop a ride on your next road trip (Thank you Katie for sharing this article).

( – A new Congressional Budget Office study says taxing motorists based on the number of miles they drive would be a fair and “efficient” way to charge motorists for the real cost of using the nation’s highways. “Vehicle-miles traveled” taxes (or VMT taxes) also would provide a strong incentive for people to drive less.

That would be a hit to any area that relies on tourism, if travel is restricted and or taxed, who will be able to afford to visit anything in this country outside of their driveway? The CBO feels we “overuse” America’s highways. Americans are a plague to the highways, causing accidents, traffic jams, and just really need to be eliminated (seems to be the thought process of this government power-grab ideal).

They are pondering “fairness” by charging more for heavy trucks, vs passenger cars. Reality check, farmers and construction workers need heavy trucks, so I guess the cost of associated products will NEED to go up too. Remember the expense will ALWAYS be passed onto the taxpayer.

So how might they go about this?

Metering equipment would have to be installed in all cars and trucks, perhaps “under a mandate to vehicle manufacturers.”

So, this could also kill new car sales… who wants to buy a new car equipped with a government tag-along?

Of course they are trying to curb the concerns, by saying they will “restrict” the information the government will receive, from your car. Rather they will offer “shiny objects” like:

¬†making tracking devices appealing to the public by allowing them to be used for other services, such as real-time traffic reports or electronic payment for parking; and allowing users to opt out of paying per-mile charges and pay higher fuel taxes instead. “The optional fuel taxes would be set at rates high enough to appeal only to users with the greatest privacy concerns,” the report said.

Ahh and the “opt-out” FEE.. of course!

  1. bob says:

    Don’t we already pay taxes for the miles we travel? What are the high gasoline taxes if not VMT? Of course that all varies with the efficiency of your car, but that is a choice as well. If this VMT goes through, will the gas taxes be dropped? I highly doubt it. Just another way for the gubmint to double dip into our wallets.

    • gypsy says:

      Bob.. yup.. just another way to rob us, if they can’t tax twice they will just give it another name, or attach it some other way.. the most creative thing the government does is find new and interesting ways to squeeze blood from us American stones!

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