Carter, Cuba, Castro & Communism.

Posted: March 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Carter was a joke when he ran for President. Additionally nauseating was the merchandising that came with Carter, the peanut junk, etc. I also think that shows how moronic those who voted for him were, think of the associations.. peanut-brain, nut.. yet this instilled people with “confidence” in him, enough to make him President? Well when we do not choose to know history, we are doomed to repeat it.. and repeat it we did just 2+ years ago.  Just like I can not comprehend the worship of Obama, I can not understand back then who would vote for, not to mention buy the crap that was marketed to promote Carter. Here is a watch & transistor radio (the watch looks a little too much like Hillary, doesn’t it?)


Alas, there are many gripes with Carter…

I spotted an article by Jeff Franks talking about Carter’s visit with Cuba’s Castro. It is interesting to note…

He is the only U.S. president, in or out of power, to come to Cuba since a 1959 revolution that transformed the island into a communist state.

Isn’t it interesting? The ONLY president since Cuban turned communist, now why would a president of the US develop and maintain a close relationship with a country that turned communist? Especially when there still was a cold-war going on?

I find it additionally “amusing” that Carter has served as an (unofficial diplomatic) troubleshooter. Perhaps he can compare notes to everything he did wrong? Because he certainly should not be repeating the actions like the Iran hostage crisis, ( during his time in office, the majority were not released until Carter was officially out of office).

A recent Cuban issue, is Alan Gross who has been sentenced to 15 years in prison, for (attempting) to provide illegal internet access to Cuban groups. (And yet people get fussy about sentencing in the US for murderers).

Gross, 61, was in Cuba working under a controversial U.S.-funded program promoting political change on the island, which Cuba views as part of longstanding U.S. efforts to undermine the government.

The United States, which has said there will be no improvement in U.S.-Cuba relations until Gross is freed, contends that Gross was in Cuba only to set up Internet access for Jewish groups.

Interesting Carter would be involved in a program to help Jewish people, since he even wrote a book that insulted them.

  • Carter/Anti-Jewish & in 2008 meeting with Muslim terrorists.
  • Carter’s “Jewish Problem” and his book  “Palestine : Peace Not Apartheid” (published in 2006, 4 years after his bogus Peace Prizethe Anti-defamation League also notes “the book is being widely celebrated in the Arab and Muslim press and in online white supremacist forums for its anti-Israel, conspiratorial and anti-Semitic propaganda value.”
  • In 2009 Carter“asks for forgiveness” but is it sincere? I Doubt it.

Additional notes:

  • Carter is respected by Cuban leaders because during his 1977-81 term as president he took significant steps to improve U.S. relations with Cuba, which have been bitter since the revolution.
  • But the 1980 Mariel boatlift, in which Fidel Castro allowed 125,000 boat people to flee to the United States, hurt Carter politically and contributed to Ronald Reagan defeating him in his quest for a second term.

Perhaps this was something Obama intentionally tried to imitate? Perhaps he noticed the communist relationship Carter had, and Obama hoped he could create the same love from Muslim terrorists?

Surely the Cuban connection was a factor, but don’t forget the Iran hostage crisis, the economy, and energy issues. I have compared Carter & Obama often, and with this following wikipedia statement, it is easy to see the connection.. as well what (hopefully) be Obama’s one and only term as President!

Wikipedia: Carter’s critics saw him as an inept leader who had failed to solve the worsening economic problems at home. His supporters defended the president as a decent, well-intentioned man being attacked for problems that had been building for years

Notice Carters supporters like Obama’s supporters, blame the past, and see Carter/Obama as “well-intentioned”. But, good intentions simply do not make up for being inept. The similarities are enlightening! They both won for essentially the same reasons, and looking ahead definitely should lose based on the same reasons. I guess this sets the stage for a strong conservative in office.

More on the Carter/Obama comparisons..

  • From 2008 Huffington Post, saw the Obama/Carter as “dubious”. They point out McCain addressing the similarities (good call on McCain’s part, he linked it up early on). Of course Obama tried to say McCain was running as Bush. McCain also pointed out the problems with Obama’s inexperience. Sadly the young voters could not realize these comparisons, they did not understand them.. which is why the youth vote is what Obama focused on/
  • The goal: linking Barack Obama to Carter, another Democratic newcomer elected on the promise of hope and change but whose presidency was marred by economic turmoil, high energy costs and a foreign policy widely derided as weak.
  • “Senator Obama says that I’m running for Bush’s third term,” McCain said. “It seems to me he’s running for Jimmy Carter’s second.”
  • From 2009: Hillary’s camp compared Carter & Obama.  The Republicans already saw Obama as a weak president during the campaign (Obama sure has confirmed that).
  • From February 2010: Carter voiced disapproval to the Carter/Obama comparison.
  • From September 2010: More Democrats doing the Carter/Obama comparisons.  Apparently Carter reviewed the previously comparison he disapproved of…  Even Carter himself sees the common thread:
  • Mr. Carter himself is heightening comparisons with his own presidency by publishing his White House diaries this week. “I overburdened Congress with an array of controversial and politically costly requests,” he said on Monday. The parallels to Mr. Obama’s experience are clear.
  • From Feb 2011: Republicans avoid the Carter/Obama comparisons.

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