Protest the Obamas: Buy Cadbury Creme Eggs!

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Counting down to Easter, how can the Obama’s make their mark on children…

How gay does that bunny look?? Seriously a headband? Is your first impression Obama’s fitness/health focus, or a gay-bunny?? They need to can their artist!

From Elisabeth Meinecke: Courtesy of CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller’s twitter feed, you get to see the latest logo for the White House Easter Egg Roll: a rabbit working out.

As a final note, obviously, it’s important for kids to eat healthy and exercise. Townhall’s problem with Michelle Obama’s program is that it’s basically another smokescreen by which the government can 1)exercise more control over your life and 2)play the parent, which it thinks you are incapable of doing adequately (although it’s a role government itself is incredibly inadequate for).

Considering the fact that the Obamas are for abortion, it’s ironic Michelle chooses to discriminate against kids who have no voice for themselves in the womb, then makes herself a champion of their well-being when they’re older.

Elisabeth, the answer is clear.. Obama’s are afraid of their own shadows. It makes sense that if they favor killing someone who can’t fight back, and they want to push control on those who can.

I guess we will see a stealthy Santa? Perhaps some tofu for Halloween?

Since the Obama’s are pushing their “perfect image” on the rest of us, doesn’t it make you want to buy those caramel filled eggs?


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