The fix for failing Latinos? Learn English!

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

I spotted a story talking about the failure in Latino communities.

Fox: We have the lowest educational attainment levels of any group. We’re the only group in the country that has less than half our kids in any kind of an early childhood program, so the achievement gap is starting pretty early: As our kids come into elementary school, they’re already having to try to catch up.

About half of our kids are not graduating high school on time. Of those who are picking up their diplomas, about half are not ready to go to college. At the higher ed level, only 13 percent of the community has a B.A. degree; if you throw in community colleges, you only get up to 19 percent. Only about 4 percent has a professional or a graduate degree.

The other thing we can’t forget about is adult education. It’s sometimes treated like a stepchild, but it’s the fourth pillar. Traditionally, the little adult education that we are taking is around English as a Second Language, which is important. But as far as career and technical training to help you bump up your skills so that, particularly in this tough economy, your family can make a little more money? Our adults aren’t taking those courses

It is always “interesting” which issues Obama will face. And of course the Latino failure is one he will address…

President Obama is devoting Monday’s town hall to Latino education. (This will be televised on Univision at 7p.m. ET/PT Monday night.)

Yet why are there “Latino” Public schools in the USA? They should be in regular public schools, and they can continue to maintain Spanish as a second language if they choose, but English should be the focus. They should be educated in English, they should learn in English, and they should learn to speak English. This would help THEM in their future. The rest of the US should not have to know Spanish because these people come here for a better life, but refuse to become Americans. If they prefer their home country, if prefer to speak another language… they should leave the US and return where ever they consider home.


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