Wisconsin: Union Thugs

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Thank you Katie for this find: The Blaze , letter from Jim Parrett (Union Field Representative), threatening a local business for NOT displaying a “pro-union” sign (and this was not an isolated incident).

As I searched around, it is interesting how non-existent the coverage is on this story. How is this NOT top news, somewhere? Because unions have everyone cornered with a knife held at their wallets?

One of the very-few finds on this threat problem, here are the few and far between discussions..

  • BigGovernment.
  • Examiner “Parrett said he has received threatening phone calls since the letters went out.  Apparently, he can’t understand that business owners do not like being threatened by union thugs”

Naturally there are numerous articles that are against Scott Walker. Remember the bias in media, search engines are under that thumb too.

There has to be a way to boycott businesses/organizations that unions control. But this is a tough one, there are the known entities like automakers (we avoid buying a new car,or one of those makes) and schools (opt for a charter, private or home school), then there are correctional facilities (how on earth can we boycott a correctional facility?).

The union thug states the union workers have not received raises over the past 5 years. Wow and yet how many Americans have had not seen pay increases, or worse yet lost their jobs? The other “issue” is they don’t like how the discussion was approached.

(increases in health care & pension) which “could’ve” been negotiated (and was actually offered) properly.

In that statement he is acknowledging it was offered, they just did not like how the negotiations were presented. In other words, they are being fussy children because they are not getting their way, because they “want it all” and nothing less will do. Union workers need to step outside of their world, take a look at regular jobs.. and see how over paid they already are!! Yes they might not see raises, but they are receiving far more than they should! Note also that healthcare is one of the increases, did they thank Obama for that? After all they voted for him…Barack Obama won by 56% to 42% over John McCain

Unemployment rises in nearly every Wis. county along with the suffering economy in Wisconsin, these union drones are going to push and threaten??

Wikipedia Union Highlights:

In the 1940s and 1950s, links to organized crime were discovered in U.S. unions, hurting their image. Since the 1970s, union membership has been steadily declining in the private sector while growing in the public sector

If you join a unionized shop, you typically will be required to “contribute” to the union (1-2% of your pay).

Of course unions think their decline in membership is because employers are keeping them out. But membership started to grow again in 2007, then declined again.

Members of labor unions enjoy “Weingarten Rights.” If management questions the union member on a matter that may lead to discipline or other changes in working conditions, union members can request representation by a union representative

I think that should be renamed as “whiner” rights. If the union member is not getting their way they can fuss to their rep, and they will “take care” of the “problem”.

 Collective bargaining is the main topic of what is happening in Wisconsin & the Unions. It sounds innocent enough… But there is more to it. Collective Bargaining is more about the Union power & control, the more they control the more power. So it is a benefit to the Unions, not the members. The more money they have the more control & power, the more political power, and it just keeps growing from there. Unions are exempt from anti-trust laws, which allows them to fix higher prices (sounds like a benefit for the consumer eh?).

The Numbers: Who and what are the majority of unions… they are mostly between 45-64, and work largely in automotive and construction.

Percentage of workforce

  ▪ Total: 12.4%
  ▪ Public sector: 36.8%
  ▪ Private sector: 7.6%

  ▪ Age 16–24: 5.0%
  ▪ 25–34: 10.7%
  ▪ 35–44: 13.4%
  ▪ 45–54: 16.0%
  ▪ 55–64: 16.6%
  ▪ 65 and over: 9.0%

  ▪ Women: 11.4%
  ▪ Men: 13.4%

Standard Occupational Classification
  ▪ Management, professional: 13.4%
  ▪ Service: 11.9%
  ▪ Sales and office: 7.4%
  ▪ Natural resources, construction, and  maintenance: 17.7%
  ▪ Production, transportation, and material moving: 16.4%

  1. Katie says:

    You see, the “non-union” people lose the arguement, at the get-go.

    Instead of stating “collective bargaining”, which seems relatively harmless, they should state “right to work”. Because, gee, who wouldn’t stand behind “right to work”. Yup, you guessed it, the union thugs.

    See, they see it as a “freedom of association” arguement – that this is a Constitutionally protected right. But, I see that their “right” tramples my equally compelling “freedom NOT to associate”. Because, in reality, if I can choose to associate (“hang out”) with whomever I want, I should also have the right NOT to. And their “right” should not tramp out my “right”.

    But people are not hearing these stories, because other people don’t want them to be heard. Obama works for the unions. Biden brags about going home from the dance with the unions, because the unions “brung” him there. Union thug leaders get to enter the White House multiple times every week.

    And, they own the teachers, so they can indoctrinate the kids behind the backs of their parents.

    Why don’t we hear about the threats to small businesses that the unions have issued, merely for failing to put up a sign?

    Why don’t we hear more about the violent threats that union thugs sent to the government officials, in a clear case of trying to change the vote – threats issued to the politician, and to their families, promising that the unions knew where they lived, go to school, hang out, and promising bloody retribution??

    Why don’t we hear about that stupid WI judge, who somehow single handedly overrode both the legislative and executive branches of the gov? Specifically, why hasn’t more been said of her, and her family’s close ties (ie employment) with the union?

    Gee, all of these should be newsworthy. But, none of them fit in the media’s storyline…. That of the evil, racist, violent tea partier….

    • gypsy says:

      well said Katie..

      It is interesting how the unions think only their point matters. They can threaten people to support them. They can threaten the home & families of politicians who don’t sleep with them.

      Yet those stories are buried. Imagine if people realized, if they truly know what unions were/are?

      Or is it so beaten into people, that no one would recognize the issue? We will never know as long as the media backs aways from highlighting the problem?

      Really is a screwed up & disturbing mess

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