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Bloated Government

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Ann Coulter points out the ridiculous in government so flawlessly, to Obama’s statement that “we contribute to programs like Medicare & Social Security”, Ann calls him out…

Except we don’t “contribute.” We are compelled under threat of imprisonment to take out a joint checking account with the government. Ask Wesley Snipes what happens when you fail to “contribute” sufficient alms to Uncle Sam. It’s easy to find him: He’s sitting in the McKean Federal Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania.

We also are forced to “contribute” to welfare, planned parenthood, and so many other programs that we have no choice or say in. We suffer by the majority who find their way to vote, and re-elect people who are not representing our best interest, or what we want period.

When it comes to the monstrous deficit the lingers over America, we have the answers, but the government does not want to listen. They need to cut back on their own feeding frenzy. The government’s answer to the job issues, and economy, is to add more redundant and useless government employees. Ann adds humor to that disturbing reality too..

The downside of Obama’s exponentially expanding government — to the detriment of the private sector — is that it is now impossible for young people to find work.

But there’s also good news! Now there are plenty of government social workers to counsel the unemployed through their depression over not being able to find a job and to process their unemployment checks.

The unholy alliance between unionized government workers and elected Democrats has led to an explosion in taxpayer-funded government employees, who, incidentally, can never be fired.

Ahh so much baggage that could be tossed out.. unions, government workers… and like Ann points out, “taxpayer funded” or as Obama puts it “contributed” . (cringe).

Ann talks about a 1980 PBS series that went through the lengthy steps to fire a consistently late typist. Nearly 2 years, nearly 2 dozen steps had to be followed before termination could be completed. It also required numerous individuals, departments, and offices. Again this was a typist. And of course we (the taxpayers) pay for every individual involved, every step, every minute. The reason these people end up keeping their jobs, it is too expensive to fire them (sheesh sounds like the argument about not executing murderers). The result this inept typist eventually qualified as “Civil Servant of the Year”, boy does that say it all?

Also noted was the number of employees who surfed porn all day, everyday, filling their computers, spilling over to down loading on dvds/cds. We paid those sleaze balls around $100k to over $200k a year.

This is the problem with these air-tight jobs, and unions. People who simply can not be fired. There are no question many people who should be fired. And even worse yet when we are paying them, we should also have a chance to review (and fire them). Think also about (unionized) teachers, these people are involved in the future of our country, and too many just don’t give a crap.

So dear gov’t look at all the areas the budget can be cut, why have you not started yet? Hint, stop adding more government employees, then start cutting off the dead weight from there. With the overpaid government employees we should be getting refunds for the excess in the budget in no time!


Bill O’Reilly has a little article about Obama’s choices in preachers. I say Obama is consistent, and wonder why this issue continues to get buried. He consistently favors activists, socialists and people with  a proven Anti-American/American-hating focus.

His focus on being black is rather odd too. Was he not abandoned by his black father, and raised by his white side? He sure has not had to struggle for anything, and did not attend cheap colleges. He has been handed every break imaginable and then some, yet seems to favor the “man-got-ya-down” type preachers.

Obama went from Reverend Wright, to Reverend Wallace Charles Smith, yet another race-activist. And these guys are not just having road side protests on their off-days, they are performing a protest on the pulpit. Reverend Smith is still focused on the 3/5th reference that was removed in 1865 with the 13th Amendment. So this man is angry about something that has been defunct for nearly 1 1/2 centuries?? 

Why do black people need to revolve their lives around slavery? They use it in slang, music, justification for various actions, crime, bad choices, just anything they think is a barrier in their life. How is something that was eliminated nearly 150 years ago affecting them now? How is the “man” keeping them down, now? They have affirmative action, special grants, extra protection due to their race.. so if those things are keeping them down we should be kind and even the playing field (and really I think we should). It is actually quite unfair, it assumes they can not get or keep a job without a law, or get into college with out special privileges, etc. They need the same equal opportunities, it obviously is affecting their overall life, and attitude to the world.

Blacks were not the only slaves. Yet do you hear any other race that was affected demanding special privileges? There is a point of character and strength one can have if they choose to build from the past rather than sink beneath it.

So what does choosing that church, that pastor, say about Obama? Again look at his history, he is consistent. He looked to Wright, he looked up to Wright. Now sitting through a sermon with Smith, as he focuses on slavery, did Obama stir? Did he remove himself? Or did he sit and listen?

We are affected by the company we keep and choices we make. While we can all make mistakes, it is repeating them that is the problem. Obama continues to prove he makes bad choices, and he prefers people who have activist or anti-American agendas, again, what does that say about him? I think it says alot, and none of it is pleasant.

EPA & Earth Day

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I avoid “Earth Day” as much as I humanly can. The hippy fest just makes me want to run out and buy an SUV, or do something else that repulses these clueless freaks. But there always something else I could not put my finger on (or I simply, somehow, forgot), but here it is, all clarified… check out Ben Shapiro on “Earth Day”

He first highlights Obama’s religious celebration (as he carefully side-stepped the Easter Eggs, and anything remotely related to that day), it was just a mere inconvenience that Easter was held so close to Earth Day.

On April 22, President Obama announced the celebration of the 41st Earth Day. Unappeased, the Earth immediately spawned a tornado that ripped away half of the St. Louis airport, an earthquake in Indonesia, and a rainstorm that kept Michelle Obama from making her scheduled Earth Day event. It’s the Earth’s party, and it can fuss if it wants to.

While Christians across the world marked Easter and Jews marked Passover, liberals marked their annual ode to neo-paganism with hippy-dippy exercises in green self-righteousness. Of course, they neglected to mention that Gaia herself was a Greek hussy who mythologically created the oceans and the depths by an incestuous relationship with her son, Uranus. They also neglected to mention that one original co-founder of Earth Day was a murderer, that its first backers were tie-dyed socialists who hated capitalism, and that Earth Day itself was timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Lenin.

My first thoughts were… are they talking about my mother, or are they talking about Jeanne Garofalo? (snicker)… Ok , you would have to personally know me, and my wack-a-doo history.

Mr Shapiro continues on with those who claimed they created Earth Day. Makes you wonder who is nuttier those who did create it, or those who claim they did. Tough call. So one nut-bar (Democrat Senator Gaylord Nelson) had an America-hating, socialist, and anti-war focus. It had nothing to do with recycling or hugging a tree. Another nut-bar (professor Barry Commoner) also had a socialist focus, again not environmental. Yikes that guy was a professor, people pay him to teach them.. no wonder so many college grads are screwed up. And yet another nut-bar (John McConnell) thought politics was the reason for war, so take that away and all will romp and play. What a lovely Disney flick, or maybe that was an acid flash-back he was having?

Naturally those who supported Socialist/Earth Day were (UN Secretary General) U Thant & (terrorist) Yasser Arafat. Oh but it gets better…

The dirtiest secret of all with regard to Earth Day is that one of its co-founders, Ira Einhorn, would go on to murder his girlfriend and stuff her in a closet beneath environmentally-unfriendly Styrofoam. After fleeing the United States and spending 23 years abroad, France finally extradited Einhorn. Upon his return, Einhorn explained that the CIA had framed him after discovering that Einhorn had uncovered their paranormal military weaponry plans. Einhorn is currently sitting in prison.

But back to the real focus of “Earth Day”, politics. Earth day gave birth to the EPA. You know that organization that has been focused on degrading this country to nothing.

 It was the Democrats’ attempt to turn Earth Day into an excuse to regulate industry into the ground. In December 1970, just a few months after that first Earth Day, the Democratic Congress established the Environmental Protection Agency, a regulatory agency designed to destroy American industry in the name of greening the planet.

Today, that same EPA unilaterally claims the ability to regulate carbon emissions, eats up $10.5 billion in funding each year, kills hundreds of thousands of jobs, and produces rap videos informing schoolchildren to “turn the handle to the right, turn off the water, twist the handle real tight … public transportation is the way to go, well, it’s one of the ways to keep emissions low.”

So with the budget issues, this is certainly some dead weight that could be tossed over! And since it has been knocking out jobs, this would help our budget and help return jobs. Bonus! PLUS just getting rid of (the gov’t) stranglehold on Americans!

And sadly yet with each hard-core liberal President we end up with, a new layer is added to the Socialist/EPA/Earth-day/America-decaying monstrosity… (see AP News article) Obama reinforces the EPA stranglehold, with the “innocent” appearance of protecting streams and wetlands, naturally we know there is and will be much more to this story.

When it comes to “Planned Parenthood” aka the abortion specialists, how on earth is it a debate, or any question about taxpayers funding them? The only question should be why? Why the heck are American taxpayers (being forced) to fund a group that has a major focus on abortions??

Heads up here.. 2009 Planned Parenthood was responsible for (over) 300,000 abortions. Take a look at the birthrate chart below (from the dramatic drop in births in 2009 (hum now who started out as president in 2009, who is a hardcore supporter of abortions and Planned Parenthood?)

For the year ending in June 2009, Planned Parenthood performed 332,278 abortions

Year Birth rate (births/1,000 population)
2000 14.2
2001 14.2
2002 14.1
2003 14.14
2004 14.13
2005 14.14
2006 14.14
2007 14.16
2008 14.18
2009 13.82

Check out Ken Blackwell & Orrin Hatch’s article on Planned Parenthood.

 Though the House voted overwhelmingly to defund Planned Parenthood, in the Senate, every single Democrat voted to maintain taxpayer funding. According to credible reports, maintaining this funding was a line in the sand for President Obama.

…, while their defenders were quick to assert that abortion only makes up 3% of Planned Parenthood’s services, the truth is that closer to 10% of Planned Parenthood’s clients receive abortions. Moreover, nearly 98% of services provided to pregnant women by Planned Parenthood involve abortions. In short, if you are a pregnant woman, and you go into a Planned Parenthood clinic, you are likely to walk out with an abortion. In 2009 a woman entering one of their clinics was 340 times more likely to have an abortion than to be referred for an adoption.

Third, its abortion business is a big money-maker for Planned Parenthood. A conservative estimate is that 37% of all of Planned Parenthood clinic revenue comes from abortion.

Yes Capitalism is quite important in the US, but pretty grim when a profit margin is focused around how many babies can be eliminated.

It is also pretty disturbing to realize that there is a political party that strongly supports abortions…

No one should have been surprised then when Democrats rushed to Planned Parenthood’s defense. We have known for years that one of their few lines in the sand is the maintenance of abortion on demand. When President, Bill Clinton came to the middle on some issues, but he refused to cross the pro-abortion lobby and vetoed bans on the partial-birth abortion procedure. Then-candidate Obama made it clear that he stands with President Clinton on this point, saying in a speech before Planned Parenthood that “[o]n this fundamental issue, I will not yield and Planned Parenthood will not yield.” He then went on to pledge that the “first thing” he would do as President is sign the Freedom of Choice Act, guaranteeing a right to abortion on demand in federal law.

Hatch & Blackwell do have hope that it will be the lies that Planned Parenthood has used as it’s foundation, will also be what makes them crumble. My fear is when things get out of hand before they can have the rug pulled from under them.

I do hope there is a reality slap for Planned Parenthood, and I hope Democrats who support abortions feel that slap. Abortion is not a RIGHT. Abortion is a last resort for someone who has not control of their life or their body. There are too many women who use it as a birth control alternative. It is disturbing. Yes in all reality they are doing this to themselves, and sadly if a child is brought up by a mother who did not want them, the result is extremely disturbing by itself. The other situation is where an unwanted child ends up being tossed around foster care until they age out. If the funds filtered to Planned Parenthood instead went to adoption organizations, those organizations could afford to promote adoptions. The system is impossible to find the secret door to, it is so disorganized and basically makes it easier to adopt overseas vs in our own country. Our system focuses more on keeping kids in foster care, or aborting them.. that is wrong, that is disturbing!

Abortions take the reality and responsibility away from women. And for the argument to be made that it is a right, if you think about it, is more demeaning to women than (the “intended”) empowerment. It is extremely powerful and incredible for a woman to have the ability to have a child. While some woman seem to be able to pop out children like they were  a Pez dispenser, other women have to struggle, and go through great trials in order to hope to have a child. And yet others have to try to fight through the disorganized foster system to try to adopt a child. The system is backwards. The focus has been screwed up.

The questions that should be asked are why are so many women willing to have an abortion? Why are so many women “needing” an abortion?

Nullify Obamacare!

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Sometimes it is hard to explain to those who are blinded by Obama’s healthcare-take over-plan. Many of us stopped explaining and just point to the Constitution. But sadly for those who support people who refused to read what they put in motion, how can we expect the supporters to read/know the Constitution?

Freedom Works captures & explains it well…

From Freedom Works: America was founded on the principle of federalism. The so-called anti-federalists who pushed for a Bill of Rights strongly believed in a decentralized government where power was divided between federal and state governments. The tenth amendment clearly reads, “the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” This simply means that any issue not found in the U.S. Constitution should be left up to individual states to decide. Truth is that the federal government only has about thirty enumerated powers delegated to it in the Constitution. 

The next point made is about how in less than 2 1/2 centuries, we have permitted the government to control our every action, thought, what we eat, what we do. This needs to stop! Now if you think this runaway train can’t be stop, think of what those who formed this country did. They were being controlled and manipulated, they pulled the brakes. It may not be pretty, it won’t be quick, but it was worth it.

With a Democratic-controlled Senate and President Obama still in the White House, it will prove an arduous task to get ObamaCare repealed through congressional action in Washington, D.C. anytime soon. As it currently stands, a total of 27 states have filed suit against ObamaCare. Thus far, two federal judges have upheld ObamaCare’s individual mandate to purchase health insurance while two others have ruled it unconstitutional. The individual health mandate is clearly unconstitutional. Just as the anti-federalists feared, many people have misinterpreted the commerce clause in the Constitution to justify expansion of federal power at the expense of the states. The original intent of the commerce clause was to promote trade and exchange between states. It was surely never meant to force individuals to buy health insurance simply because they exist.

Over half the states are fighting back, that is a start.. but it needs to continue! One of the big pains and tough battles is having a liberal supreme court, that seems hell-bent on backing up government policy versus actual law. I like the analogy (of the mother-in-law) they offer.

 There is a conflict of interest with the federal court arbitrating disputes between the states and the federal government over the constitutionality of the federal government’s action.  Just like Jefferson feared, the Supreme Court has a history of siding with the federal government instead of the states. The unfortunate truth is that the Supreme Court has upheld many unconstitutional federal laws. As Andrew Nappi of the Florida Tenth Amendment Center saysthis would be like having your ex’s mother as the final judge on the structure of your divorce settlement.”

So are there other options? If we can’t win while the supreme court is petting the Obamacare-dog, how can this monster be put-down? I am citing a huge chunk from Freedom Works site, but this is important…

Various states are taking another approach to defeat ObamaCare. These states are considering the idea of nullification. Idaho Governor Otter recently said “we are actively exploring all our options – including nullification.” State nullification is the idea that states can refuse to enforce unconstitutional federal laws. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison both spoke of the favor of nullification. In 1798, Thomas Jefferson wrote “whensoever the general government assumes undelegated powers….a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy.” Likewise, James Madison said that states were “duty bound to resist” every time the federal government violated the Constitution.

Some states aren’t waiting for the outcomes of federal lawsuits in federal courts. They’re simultaneously attempting to make ObamaCare void in their state legislatures. According to the Tenth Amendment Center, “nullification is a tool in the bag of those who want to dam the river of government expansion. It has been used before, and to good ends.” Thus far, 12 states have introduced similar versions to the Federal Health Care Nullification Act drafted by the Tenth Amendment Center this year. These bills either fully nullify or refuse compliance with ObamaCare. The Federal Health Care Nullification Act introduced in Texas (HB297), Montana (SB161), Wyoming (HB0035), Oregon (HB498) and Maine (LD558) all state that ObamaCare is  “hereby declared to be invalid, shall not be recognized, is specifically rejected, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect.” Idaho recently passed HB 298 which is nicknamed the “grandson of nullification.”

The 10th amendment is making a roaring comeback. Nullification has recently been used to stop federal gun laws, the Real ID and federal drug laws. Five states have introduced bills to nullify any legislation from the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) regulating greenhouse gases and the “Food Safety and Modernization Act.” In his book, Tom Woods explains that nullification has been used throughout history to support free speech, free trade and unconstitutional searches and seizures. The Supreme Court of Wisconsin used nullification to declare the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 unconstitutional. 

The federal government has overstepped its constitutional limits. We can put an end to the federal government takeover of our healthcare system and other unconstitutional federal initiatives. With so many states fighting back against ObamaCare, it should send a clear message to the Obama administration. We the people do not want ObamaCare forced upon us.

Please support Freedom Works fight, they accept donations, but also make sure you spread this information!! This is America, we were built strong, and we can be strong again!


What better example of political hypocrisy could there be? When there is such outrage over the union situation in Wisconsin, that the result is politicians fleeing the state and death threats…. While, in Massachusetts they can change the union bargaining power. Note the politician who made the move in Wisconsin was a Republican, and Massachusetts is a Democrat.

Wait, there is more! Why did Massachusetts cross the road, err.. choose to strip the unions? For the (Romney-care) Health Care system (that is financially bending the state over).

See more from Guy Benson.

Obama babbles on, and on, and on… and on, about the request for proof that he was born in the USA. (see AP News article) He starts off fussing that the budget was not a top topic, but that his birth certificate was, and that it had/has been since his (pre-whitehouse) campaign. He even states he “thinks” the discussion started during his campaign, so is he trying to say he was that out of touch with the country, that he was not aware of questions that came up before he slithered into the White House?

Here are some highlights that gave me a kick…When he rattles on about the focus being about his place of birth, he immediately calls out the Republicans as a source of his whoas…

 the Republican House had put forward a budget that will have huge consequences potentially to the country,…

Note how that is phrased, the budget the Republican’s put together will have “HUGE consequences”, but following that statement he pats himself on the back” knowing” what he planned is “better”. Of course (the lack of) accolades for that surely are what bummed him out, not the continued attention on his birth certificate. I really wonder what rabbit is under his hat, because this whole thing really seems like it is more about a ploy of distraction vs actually offering up something asked for.

Then his next breath belches out about “bipartisanship” again, can someone explain to him what that means!? He has yet to open his mouth with out an attack on Republicans, and his actions back that up when we try to not listen to his babble! He claims they “always have” (been playing nice), really when???

And I am confident that the American people and America’s political leaders can come together in a bipartisan way and solve these problems. We always have.

But we’re not going to be able to do it if we are distracted. We’re not going to be able to do it if we spend time vilifying each other. We’re not going to be able to do it if we just make stuff up and pretend that facts are not facts. We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers.

Ahh but Obama, you have been the “greatest show on earth”, well so you seem to think you are. You laugh at your own jokes, and you can babble on endlessly about absolutely nothing.  You wailed-out while standing on top of your milk crate, begging to be heard. You pull nothing out of nowhere as you utter “let me be clear” on a constant basis (sounds like a magic act to me), broken up with “um & uh”. You have been vilifying Republicans & Tea Party with every breath! Yet you seem to think you are the target. NO, you sleazed your way in as president, you hid facts like they were the last morsels of food during the end of the world, and since we were stuck with you as our president, we have a right to know who you are, where you come from, and your back ground. Yet you seem to think that makes you a victim? You seem to think we never had that right? You held off for over 2 years avoiding, and dancing around what was being requested, when it was in your back-pocket?

Now again this speech of his rambled on and on, yet he breaks in with this whole issue being silly, that there are bigger things to deal with… blah, blah.. but he is part of the problem, and he made this the issue it became. So if the whole issue was silly, and a waste of time, why did HE give it so much attention, and again why did HE not give the answer when it was first requested?

We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We’ve got better stuff to do. I’ve got better stuff to do. We’ve got big problems to solve. And I’m confident we can solve them, but we’re going to have to focus on them _ not on this.

So really Obama why on earth did you wait so long to give the people what they asked for in the first place? Because you wanted to make a big, long-winded, blow-hard, speech and fuss-fest about the request? That a day went by that people decided to take a break from being blown away by your spending frenzy? Since a new election is coming up, and someone who wants to de-throne you decided to make it a hot-topic again, and that it finally got under your skin? Not when the people asked, but when someone who wants your seat demanded it?

This is more proof positive of where Obama stands. What is important to Obama. What he truly cares about. It is not about America, it is not about the American people, it has nothing to do with this country. His primary focus, is himself, how long he can hear himself talk, and how much of his thoughts/choices can he impose on all of America, regardless of how much we say NO! Choosing to be the President comes with personal sacrifices & compromise, what compromises has Obama made? He treats this as an utter inconvenience, the entire job as a detour he is forced to make between golf games.

I am glad to hear he was born in our country, because we can remove that portion of the potential embarrassment, though we are still stuck with the boobie-prize! And yes I said “our” country, not his, because he does not stand for anything that America or Americans stand for, he wants to unravel this country, stitch-by-stitch. So he may have been born on our soil, but he never adopted it in his heart.

So did you wanna see the sacred document? Katie Pavlich has it, click here.